Why Is Espresso Served With Sparkling Water

Why Is Espresso Served With Sparkling Water

The espresso brewing method is a lot different than drip coffee. Espresso has a unique taste and aroma with a bold taste. It’s far less acidic and has a full-bodied aftertaste.

But, why is espresso served with sparkling water? Sparkling water includes carbonation that cleans your palate and triggers your taste buds. This way you’ll enhance the flavor of your sip within your mouth. Also, drinking sparkling water afterward will clean your breath.

Now you know why espresso is served with water. But there are more interesting things to know about your favorite drink. Keep reading this post to learn how this started and the benefits of water with coffee.

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Specialty Coffee Association defines what true espresso is. It’s a small and concentrated beverage of 1-2 oz. To prepare an espresso shot you need around 7 grams (or 1 tablespoon) of fine grounds of coffee. The extraction time is around 25 seconds.

If you brew an espresso the right way, you’ll have rich crema on top. This crema will be golden colored and it consists of about 15% of the total beverage. [1]

What’s the right way to drink espresso? Espresso originates from Italy, so we need to take a look at how Italians drink espresso.

To serve an espresso you need first to warm the cup or glass. Now take a sip of sparkling water and skim away your crema. Stir the beverage and drink it. This is the proper way to drink your shot of espresso and includes sparkling water before siping. [2]

As soon as coffee or espresso enters your mouth, that instant taste will linger around for a little bit. Bubbles of sparkling water dissolve food particles on the tongue. So, you get the best flavor from your espresso.

Also, many of us like having sparkling water after a meal or a dessert. This helps with our digestion procedure. Sparkling water balances the acids of the stomach and counteracts all sugars to be sweated out by the body.

Some state that carbonation since it dissolves food particles. It prevents tooth plaque. This makes our teeth healthier and our smiles more beautiful.

Can You Mix Espresso With Sparkling Water?

Sure you can but it’s not something we would suggest. The bubbles of the water burst into the coffee and will create air pockets. The carbon dioxide will help these air pockets to grow bigger. The result will be a foamy beverage that won’t look or taste like true espresso.

Can You Brew Espresso With Sparkling Water?

Sparkling water is best to consume as a cleanser of your palate. It won’t go well if you use it to brew espresso. You can try it, but only for experimentation. You won’t like the espresso shot if you’re like me and you love the flavor of true espresso.

Why Is Espresso Served With Sparkling Water


There are several good reasons to have water with your coffee. Here below you can check the ritual of espresso drinking that includes water.

Get The Most Flavor

The first sip of the espresso is the strongest. To taste it you need to clean your palate and taste buds. Sparkling water has cleaning properties that remove food particles.

Some espresso drinkers save some water until after they’ve finished their espresso.  To tame the strong, rich, flavor that stays.

To further enhance the taste of espresso don’t wait and let the crema spoil. Some espresso aficionados drink the whole shot at once. Others like to enjoy it with a few sips.

Before the first sip, remember to shake it a bit. Shake it as you would do with a glass of gold red wine. Then smell the espresso and take the first sip. Shake again and repeat. This is the proper way of enjoying a shot of espresso.

The water is before you drink it and some drink it also at the end to clean their mouth again.

Removes The After Taste

Carbonic acid is formed when carbon dioxide combines with water. This is why sparkling water and soda water have a slightly bitter aftertaste. It’s carbonic acid that you may taste.

This taste may be pleasant for you. But, for some people, it isn’t something they like. If you want to remove the aftertaste of espresso and clean your breath, then save some sparkling water for the end.

You May Need Dehydration

Beverages with caffeine don’t dehydrate you. But, these drinks have a diuretic effect on the human body. If you urinate more often due to espresso drinking, you lose fluids. Here’s another reason why water is served with espresso. To help you enjoy your favorite drink and keep you hydrated. [3]

Refreshes Your Breath

Dr. G. Meinecke, a Dentist states that acidity dries your mouth. This lets bacteria remain in your mouth and stimulate unpleasant breath.  Sparkling water increases your mouth acidity because it lowers pH.

So, drinking water can only remove the aftertaste of espresso. And this is refreshing for your palate from the coffee smell.

If you want to have a clean breath you need to brush more often. Quit smoking, rinsing your mouth, and try to avoid those foods that leave a bad breath.

Sparkling or Not

Some people ask if it’s ok to drink sparkling water every day. There is no evidence that shows sparkling water or carbonated water is bad for your health.

Carbonated drinks may improve swallowing, reduce constipation, and help with digestion. [4]

So, if you like the bitter taste of sparkling water there is no good reason why you should avoid it.

It will help you enjoy your espresso the Italian way! 

The Bottom Line

The reason why everything is going better is because of water. Now you know the reasons why sparkling water with espresso is the best choice. Just choose your fizzy water wisely. It will keep you hydrated, satisfied, and one step closer to your daily caffeine fix.

What To Do Next

Now you have the answer to the question: why is espresso served with sparkling water. It’s time for you to brew your espresso shot. If you’re looking for good espresso beans or espresso gear, don’t miss our buyers’ guides.

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