Which Country Drinks the Most Coffee

Which Country Drinks the Most Coffee?

Before we answer the question which country drinks the most coffee we should say a few basic stuff about our favorite beverage.

What is Coffee?

Everybody recognizes that a coffee bean is roasted, but perhaps a coffee plant is not real. Coffee trees can grow up to more than 30 foot (9 meters) long but are cut short to retain energy and help for harvesting. Each tree is covered with waxy, green leaves which grow in pairs. The branches of coffee cherries grow. It is not unusual to see flowers, verdant fruit and ripe fruit at the same time on one single tree, because it grows in a continuous cycle.

Coffee is dark, bitter, and slightly acidic and has a stimulating effect on people, mainly due to its content of caffeine. 

coffee consumption in the world

Coffee is a world’s popular drink and can be prepared and offered in a variety of ways. It’s generally served warm, although ice cream coffee is common. The clinical research suggests that moderate consumption of coffee in healthy adults is neutral or mildly helpful. 

However, research continues on whether long-term ingestion decreases the risk of certain diseases. If you talk about coffee, you usually think about its ability to boost strength.

Nonetheless, it can give some other health benefits, such as the lower risk of liver cancer, type 2 diabetes, and heart failure, as well, according to some studies. The advantages of drinking coffee have been explored by studies in disorders like arthritis, cardiovascular diseases, unstable bowels and liver diseases. Most, but not all, of these arguments are supported by evidence.

So, which country drinks the most coffee?

We all wonder which country drinks the most coffee. Coffee consumption will decide which nation is the world’s largest nerd, whether cappuccino, French press or cold coffee for those hot summer nights. Obviously, the individual who prefers quantity to quality is not described. It should be one of the big nations you should imagine. Australia, Russia, maybe, like the United States. Certainly in TOP5, they come in. So Brazil or Turkey will countries like it? It isn’t! 

Finland is currently the country number 1, which consumes the most coffee, at 9.6 kg per inhabitant. Norway accompanies by 7.2 kg per inhabitant. The Netherlands is then, therefore 6.7 kilograms per citizen. This is a big surprise as they’re relatively small in all three countries. Compare America, Russia, Brazil and other larger countries, at least. Only about 5 million people live in Finland. There are 5.2 million in Norway. More than 17.2 million was taken care of in the Netherlands, which is a larger number but only ranks third.

Here is the list of the top countries that consume coffee the most

1. 🇫🇮 FINLAND 

12 kg per capita per year

2. 🇳🇴 NORWAY

9.9 kg per capita per year


9 kg per capita per year


8.7 kg per capita per year


8.4 kg per capita per year

6. 🇸🇪 SWEDEN

8.2 kg per capita per year


7.9 kg per capita per year


6.8 kg per capita per year


6.5 kg per capita per year

10. 🇨🇦 CANADA

6.2 kg per capita per year

Which country is famous for its Coffee?

In well-established growing countries like Central America, it was generally believed that the most optimal conditions exist for growing coffee. But in countries like Madagascar, which also have some of the highest quality coffee beans, are lesser-known but equally prestigious growers. Only 80 countries have climatic conditions that lead to coffee trees ‘ requirements in the world. Just 50 countries can grow industrial coffee.

Coffee, like raisins, has its taste affected by several factors such as social conditions, climate conditions, sea-level altitudes and other wildlife. What is the most important thing when trying to identify which country has coffee beans of the highest quality? After all, according to precipitation, sun exposure and soil composition, the same type and kind of coffee can vary significantly in their flavor. Consider the countries with coffee beans of the highest quality.

Following are some countries that are famous for the coffee they produce. So, let’s have a look!


The location of Indonesia and the climate have helped it to become the third-largest producer of robusta beans in the world, although not as well-known as other coffee countries. In cropping year 2017/2018, total production of coffee, robust and Arabica was 636,000 tons. 

There are 1,5 million independent smallholders and few large-scale operations in the Indonesian coffee industry. Indonesia manufactures several speciality coffees, of which Kopi Luwak is the most popular. Harvested from Asian palm civets faeces, the beans have a distinctive and distinctly unique flavour. The process of harvesting the beans is, to say the least, quite intensive, and the result is one of the most expensive of the world’s coffee beans.

coffee indonesia


Colombia is viewed by 15 per cent of the world’s coffee supply as a powerhouse in the coffee industry. The high-quality Arabica developed by Colombia is world-renowned.

Coffee of different qualities like Supremo, Extra, and Excelso generally is produced in Colombia. Supremo is the best kind of coffee, and the latest technology is used for processing it. It comes in large, smooth grains, has a vibrant flavour and sun-drenched aroma. Genuine Colombian Supreme grade coffee is tough to get through.

Colombian reserve grade coffee is slightly below Supremo quality. But it’s lovely, too. The Extra coffee bean is only smaller in size than Supremo. Often, the size of the coffee beans is sorted. Shaking and energizing the taste of Extra Class.

Excelso is a Supremo and Extra hybrid. It has an acidic flavour and is similar to the wine aftertaste.


In Jamaica, Coffee is regarded as an elite standard. It was even mentioned in one of the films in James Bond. It has a traditional taste, but it is a coffee of very costly quality. It has a rum-like a unique aroma and refining. The taste can be smooth and yummy. The export of Jamaican coffee is highly regulated. It costs about $60 for a 16-ounce bag.

The following two countries are more famous for their coffee habit rather than coffee production. 


Irish Coffee is a popular drink so that Irish coffee is as many as pubs. Top-down to bottom, it is served with one shot of Irish whiskey, two spoons of whipped cream and coffee brown sugar. It’s one of the best examples of coffee and whiskey harmony.


UNESCO Heritage List also includes Viennese coffee houses from Austria’s capital. I like Wiener Melange from my favourite coffees too (some places called coffee melange). The cups (almost as soup bowls) in Vienna’s popular and elegant cafes are filled with a shot of espresso, coffee and milk foam.

If you wish to have a little more fun about coffee facts, check this video. It shows what coffee looks around the world. 


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