What is the Healthiest Way to Sweeten Coffee

What is the Healthiest Way to Sweeten Coffee

I have to admit that I’m at the point that I can’t even imagine a day without a cup of coffee. Coffee also proves to have many benefits for the health of the human body. These benefits come from its antioxidants and could help you maintain the desired weight level and control blood sugar as well (good for diabetes). But, to gain all those good stuff, you need to limit or even cut the sugar sweeteners. With this way, you’ll get all the maximum of the benefits for your health.

So, what is the healthiest way to sweeten coffee? Good for all of us coffee lovers that there are plenty of ways to sweeten our coffee. I tried and found the taste excellent the following: raw honey, agave, stevia, sugar-free cocoa powder, coconut sugar, and maple syrup. Yes, I’ve tried many sugar-free sweeteners, and these 6 ones are my favorite and also healthy ways to make your coffee sweet.

Let’s have a look at these excellent and healthy coffee sweeteners.

Raw Honey

Most of us were used to have honey with our tea and sugar with the coffee. Yet, you’ll be surprised when you try raw honey in your coffee. It tastes absolutely delicious and has almost the same sweet result with sugar. But, it’s far more healthy to consume. I could mention many thoughts about the health benefits of honey, but it’s not the subject of this article.

Many specialists and doctors suggest honey for your diet. This is because honey is a good source of energy, antioxidants, protects you from allergies, and has NO side effects. You should try it in your coffee!

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Agave syrup is also a natural sweetener that becomes from cacti. Agave has increased concentration in fructose, it’s an excellent sweetener and has many health benefits as well. It was among the most popular sweeteners for healthy product enthusiasts. There isn’t an adequate amount of research to indicate that fructose isn’t healthy for people who suffer from diabetes. What we know, for now, is that agave is a delicious sweetener for coffee and won’t do you any harm (even if you suffer from diabetes).

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Agave cacti


What most people don’t know is that stevia is a herbal product. Yes, stevia comes from a plant, and it’s not an artificial substitute of sugar. More specifically, this white powder comes from stevia Rebaudiana. This plant is cultivated in Latin America mostly, and stevia is a natural product rather than a chemical one. You may find stevia in drops beside the powder. You should be aware of the stevia ratio. This ratio is helpful to decide how sweet as compared to sugar. If you get 1:3 then one tablespoon of stevia is equal with 3 tablespoons of the ordinary sugar. Knowing this, you have an idea of how much to use in your coffee. Another good thing with stevia is that you may not even notice a taste difference from adding sugar in your coffee.

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Sugar-Free Cocoa Powder

Are you a fan of mocha? If yes, then I have good news to share with you here. You may enjoy your cocoa beverage free from sugar. I know the taste isn’t the same with sugar cocoa, but here we try to enjoy our coffee within a healthier way. Just add a couple of spoons of sugar-free cocoa powder to your coffee, you’ll have a similar to a mocha beverage. I believe that you’ll like the taste and you’ll have a healthier coffee. Bear in mind that cocoa is an energy booster, so don’t overdo it.

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Coconut Sugar

There isn’t a doubt that coconut is a trendy healthy product, and the benefits are countless. Coconut sugar or coconut palm sugar is acquired from the coconut palm tree. Now it’s promoted as being more nutritious and lower on the glycemic index than conventional sugar.


So, how about the glycemic index of coconut sugar? Is it any better from sugar? The glycemic index is an index of how fast foods raise blood sugar levels. Pure glucose is given an index of 100. So, if a food has an index of 50, then it raises blood sugar level half as much as pure glucose. According to the Philippines Dept. of Agriculture, coconut sugar has a glucose index of 35, which places it in the low-level area. This is significantly lower than regular sugar, which is somewhere around 60. It’s very similar in taste to regular sugar, but it has a lower glycemic index.

Apart from coconut sugar, people use other coconut products in their diet as well. Coconut oil is quite popular, coconut milk for those with lactose intolerance, coconut water, etc.

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Maple Syrup

The maple syrup is a perfect sweetener for your coffee, especially in the winter season. Many of us have tried with our pancakes. Well, it seems that it’s an ideal addition to your coffee. I’ve tried this, and I was amazed by the flavor. What you should notice is to buy a maple syrup with a low index in fructose. Remember we want to have delicious coffee without losing the health benefits.

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Conclusion: What is the Healthiest Way to Sweeten Coffee

You’re a coffee lover like me. Personally, I look after my health and try to explore new ways to improve daily. On the other hand, black coffee isn’t my favorite. That’s the reason why I tried some new healthier ways to sweeten my coffee. I came up with 6 ideas, but I am pretty sure that you could find some more ways to experiment with your coffee taste.

Additionally, the taste isn’t as you like, don’t blame only the lack of sugar. There are many things to have in mind when making delicious coffee, such as temperature, water, brewing procedures, and many more. You can read the article How to Make Coffee Taste Good to improve your daily shots of coffee.

How about the healthiest way to sweeten YOUR coffee? If you have another idea, please share it with the comment box below.


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