what is the best single cup coffee maker to buy

What is the Best Single Cup Coffee Maker to Buy

A good cup of coffee is more than just the finishing touch of a great meal; It’s the thing that makes getting up in the morning worthwhile. It’s a multisensory experience that encompasses rich, evocative aromas, deep luxuriant color, and full-bodied flavors.

The brewing of a pot of coffee has cultural and ritual overtones that harken back thousands of years and are as much a part of the experience of coffee as the beverage itself. 

No true coffee lover would be caught dead drinking freeze-dried or any other type of instant coffee.

single serve coffee maker

Without further talking, we present here our top choices regarding your search topic: what is the best single cup coffee maker to buy in 2020.

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Top Single Cup Coffee Maker – List

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What is the Best Single Cup Coffee Maker to Buy

Keurig K55 Single Serve Brew, Coffee Maker

At number 1 we have the Keurig K55 Single Serve Brew, Coffee Maker. The Keurig K55 Single Serve Brew Coffee Maker is as easy on the wallet as it is on the eye and the coffee it brews is right up there with the best coffee maker costing 2 or 3 times as much. Controls are logically arrayed and marked clearly, and the whole process is simplicity in action. All in all, an excellent value that will provide you with delicious cups of morning coffee day after day. About the only cautionary word on this coffee maker is that you have to maintain it properly. But of course, any responsible owner will do that anyway.

From the helpful array of control lights to the extra deep drip tray, the Keurig K55 coffee machine is made for coffee lovers who wish delicious coffee with ease. A top contender for the best home coffee maker. In less than a minute, your favorite beverage is ready. The machine’s filter gives a little more flexibility to the user if you want a change, instead of staying to coffee K-cups you can enjoy a more extensive selection of tea or coffee.

Nespresso Pixie Espresso Machine

That is the most compact machine within the Nespresso range, as its name implies. Do not let its dimensions deceive you since this device can brew among the tastiest shots of espresso you will ever have the opportunity of enjoying. 

Keep in mind that if you’re searching for a coffee maker with many brewing options, this single serve coffee maker is not the best for you.

If espresso shots are your favorite choice, then Nespresso Pixie Coffee Maker is an ideal choice for you. 

As you can guess, this device works with Nespresso capsules to brew delicious espressos. It’s not compatible with the Vertuo Nespresso pods system.

Some of the options available are Creamy Rich Arpeggio & Distinctive Capriccio Balanced & Total Roma and many more. Do not be afraid of the Nespresso pods limitation, since you can get a huge variety of compatible capsules for brewing your morning espresso. These capsules are available to your nearest supermarket or online on Amazon.com.

The significant advantage of this Espresso machine over other choices is that there is not any guesswork required. Input into the slot your capsule, press the button and let the Nespresso machine do everything. The quality espresso outcome is going to be consistent every time. The beverage options are limited to the volume of water brewed for you to have a single shot espresso, Lungo, or an Americano. All of these are being prepared with the touch of a button.

BUNN MCU Single Cup Multi-Use Home Coffee Brewer

This coffee maker can brew soft pods K-cups, tea bags, and filter coffee, it is an excellent option if you don’t want to be dedicated to K-Cups system. 

It is compact, requires little space of your kitchen counter and is made of quality materials. With this single cup coffee maker, you are free to enjoy flexibility in your beverages. 

It is sure that your guests will appreciate the variety of brewing.

It is effortless for you to clean, and it has a removable tray. Removable parts of this coffee maker can be washed in your dishwasher, which means more free time for you. My Cafe system delivers a hot beverage in seconds, and it’s straightforward to use. This coffee maker delivers what it promises, and for some people, it even brews better the coffee of the same brand.

Hamilton Beach The Scoop Single Serve Coffee Maker

Hamilton Beach Single Cup Coffee Maker is one of the fastest brewers in the market. 

With this machine, you can brew 8 oz of coffee in about 1 minute and a half or a full travel mug in 2and half minutes. 

It is made from quality durable materials and is designed to endure. The machine has auto shut-off among other amazing features.

The manufacturer claims that this device brews faster, hotter, and with a better taste for your coffee. It is definitely a choice of simplicity for the user, whereas it does not require much of your kitchen space. It comes with a scoop to prepare your favorite beverage in three simple steps: 1) you scoop the coffee, 2) place it as a portafilter to the top of the coffee maker and 3) opt the brewing volume. The scoop is labeled with two different measurements to be sure on the amount of coffee that is needed for your cup.

Cuisinart SS-10 Premium Single-Serve Coffee Maker

This is also compatible with K-cups and has 5 different brewing volumes. 

It can also brew hot water, which is very helpful for preparing soups, tea, and hot cocoa. 

This beautiful single serve coffee maker is fully programmable and includes auto shut on/off function. 

It is packed with a removable water tank of 72 ounces, which is handy since this volume saves time from fewer refills.

This device is quite fast to brew since it requires less than a minute for brewing. We liked the blue backlit LCD control panel, whereas you can set all the programmable features of the coffee maker. It is equipped with a charcoal water filter to ensure the maximum taste for your beverages. For some customers, it is a product that beats the competition, and it worths every penny.

Points to Consider When Buying a SIngle Cup Coffee Maker

Are you going to buy a coffee maker to serve a couple of persons or you have a big family or many guests to satisfy? This is a question you should ask your self and then check the water tank capacity, brewing time and time gap between brewing. It would be very annoying for you and your guests if they had to wait half an hour to enjoy a cup of coffee after a delicious meal.

Size and Dimensions
Coffee makers require space in your kitchen, and some of them may need more than you can imagine. Keurig coffee maker will take up quite a little more counter space that you may need it for other equipment. Some people may need to store the coffee maker, so it’s significant to check if the dimensions fit their storage compartment.

Your Needs and Desires
If you like a decent cup of coffee with no experiments or guesswork, these machines are suitable for you. If you want more options than single shots of espresso, then you should check what the best choice for you is. On the other hand, if you like to customize your beverages with adjustments in pressure, temperature, grinding, these machines are not ideal for you. If you want coffee with milk such as cappuccinos or lattes, then you should get a milk frother as well.

The taste of each one of us is unique, and this is the beauty in life. Some persons like sleek and modern design and are willing to pay a few extra bucks, whereas others are more traditional and wish to have only decent coffee. There are coffee makers to satisfy both types and any style.

We have nothing to say about what is appealing to each person, but you should consider if the colors or materials fit with your overall look and feel of your kitchen.

Grounds or Pods
Some may prefer the convenience of capsules, whereas others like to buy freshly roasted coffee from a coffee shop. We can understand both types, and there is no wrong in any choice. When purchasing a pods system, you should consider how limited you are with this coffee system and what compatible alternatives you have. In case someone opts a Nespresso Vertuoline can’t drink other coffee but the Nespresso Vertuo capsules.

We hope that with this short list we gave an answer to what is the best single cup coffee maker to buy. Before you buy, consider the above things and go for the device that best fits your needs.

Nespresso Pixie is one of our favorite single cup coffee makers. We love espresso and this compact single cup coffee maker brings top quality espresso shots in your cup. If you go for it, you may check the following video. 

There are many advantages to using a single serve coffee maker. It is not uncommon for someone to use it as the first cup of coffee they make, or it can be a refreshing touch for those mornings when you are just too tired to spend the extra few minutes creating a beverage. This new technology will also be popular in the home setting because they are easier to operate than the old machines. A single serve coffee maker will allow you to do away with adding sugar or cream to the coffee and if you are not careful with how much you put in, you will also avoid accidentally adding milk.

Single serve machines have many functions, but the most common is a built in filter so you can filter out everything but the coffee. These machines are good because they are easy to use and can generally brew with just the right amount of coffee without being too sweet or too bitter. You will be able to find machines that offer a variety of brewing settings so you can customize your cup of Joe.

If you are looking for a change from your regular coffee maker, a single serve machine can give you the quality you want at a cost you can afford. Just be sure you buy the right model that is meant for your needs so you don’t waste your money. If you are unhappy with the brew you get, try changing the filter or even the brewing method. A small upgrade in the long run will be worth it for the convenience it provides you.


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