ninja coffee bar cleaning

Ninja Coffee Bar Cleaning

Hey, what’s up! Today I want to talk to you about something really simple cleaning the Ninja Brewing Station Coffee maker. Probably you have noticed down your clean light is on, which made you search the web for an explaining on how to clean it.

You can always go ahead and pick up the proper solution. But what I recommend is white vinegar, it works perfectly. It descales your coffee maker, its pretty simple but be patient, it will take some time. So have in mind that this is going to take a while and do not have immediate plans to go somewhere. The first thing you need to do is to take your white vinegar and you need to fill water tank up to the travel line. Then run some tap water and fill it the rest of the reservoir. Now you can go ahead and press the “Clean” button. Once you pressed the clean button you will notice it’s going to say CLA or CLN and then it’s gonna go back and forth between saying that and how much time you have left.

I will see you guys in about 1 hour…

cleaning your coffee maker

After one hour it looks like we are ready to flush which pretty much means we empty the water that’s in the pot and we fill up the water tank again. We only fill it with water and press the “Clean” button once again. That is going to start the whole flush cycle again. Its a pretty simple process to clean out your machine but we need to admit that it is also very boring. Like extremely mind-numbingly boring and it is gonna probably take you about an hour and a half. The first flush cycle takes about the same amount just a little bit longer than you know a standard brewing cycle. Actually, there is no second flush cycle but I always just brew a pot of hot water just to you know, makes me feel a little bit more comfortable and it works. It’s beautiful and it is extremely boring anyway if you liked this post, you may apply it in your Ninja Coffee Bar Cleaning process.


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