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Compact Coffee Wizard: An In-Depth Nespresso Pixie Review

Ah, coffee! That magical brew that sparks creativity, fuels chatter, and wakes us up for the world’s early calls. If elegance and speed in your coffee rituals mean something to you, then you might want to check out Nespresso’s Pixie. 

Picture this: a little machine, sleek and compact, turning your kitchen into a miniature café every morning. In the next lines, we’ll dive into the Pixie’s world to find out what’s making everyone talk about it and see if it might be the coffee companion you’ve been looking for.

Nespresso Pixie Honest Review


nespresso pixie

Price Range: Under $200

Pump: 19-bar pressure

Water reservoir: 700ml with Lid

Used pods capacity: 11

Power save mode: Yes

Starter: Includes 16 Nespresso capsules

Nespresso Pixie – What is it?

For the people who want a different look for their kitchen devices without displacing them, the Pixie Clips Espresso machine could be the key. It arrives with two pairs of removable glossy ABS panels for the side that just push on and remove, so you can change its touch of style in a second.

There’s also the option of 12 other colored and patterned side panels offered at a relatively low price so you can alter its style as frequently as you wish. Beyond its appealing design, it’s also a reliable Espresso machine. It has the Nespresso pods system whereas you can brew a single shot of Espresso or a Lungo with the press of a single button. It is known that you can enjoy an extensive range of coffee options with 23 Grand Crus, plus limited editions within a year.

Features of Nespresso Pixie

Tiny but Mighty – Compact Size

Got a small kitchen? Clutter driving you mad? Check out the Nespresso Pixie. Thin as a wafer at only 4.3 inches, this machine could probably squeeze into a packed shoe closet. Don’t let the size fool you, though. It’s a beast in a beauty’s body.

Lightning-Fast Coffee – Fast Brewing Time

Can’t wait for coffee? Neither can the Pixie. It’s up and running in 25 seconds flat. You’ll still be wrestling with the bread bag, and it’s already brewed your espresso. Busy bees, this one’s got your back.

A Flavor Festival – Coffee Capsule Variety

Like to change things up? The Pixie’s got a smorgasbord of Nespresso capsules from the strong kick of a Ristretto to a chill, mild roast. Spin the flavor wheel and take a coffee trip, all without leaving your kitchen.

Cool Convenience – Water Tank and Reservoir

The 0.7-liter tank and 11-used capsule handling mean this thing nearly runs itself. Less fussing around with refills and more time kicking back with your cuppa.

Think Green – Energy Efficiency

The Pixie’s not just another pretty espresso maker. It shuts itself down after 9 minutes, so it’s smart with power. And hey, you can recycle those capsules. A tip of the hat from planet Earth.

The Nespresso Pixie, then. Slim, swift, and smooth on the taste buds. It’s not just looking good; it’s doing good for coffee fans with an eye for style and a heart for the planet. If you want to make your mornings tastier without turning your kitchen into a gadget jungle, give this sleek little powerhouse a look.

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Nespresso Pixie Clips – Easy to use?

Replacing the side panels of the Pixie is suggested when the coffee maker is not warm so it would be better to handle this before turning on, with an empty water reservoir and drip tray positioned. There is a slight recess at the base of each panel to grip onto, and they are hard to clip and un-clip throughout the first applications, connecting and separating becomes more comfortable with practice. This can either be accomplished manually or by using a key, that is packed with, to support taking them off.

Where to store the extra set in the meantime isn’t suggested, and it would be convenient to offer a storage case to protect them from scratches.

Apart from the power switch button, there are two additional controls for extracting a single shot of Espresso or a longer Lungo drink. This Nespresso machine requires around 25 seconds for warm up before making delicious coffee. Each of these two controls is programmed for you, but you can make your own time-of-extraction adjustments by holding down the button as long as you wish the extraction to last.

Additionally, these are memory buttons, so you can switch the machine on, press the desired button and when it warms up, it will start-and-stop extracting automatically.

Injecting a pod is quite easy – the center bar turned back to expose a pod-shaped opening, that closed to ensure the pod by setting the bar into its initial position.

Besides the smaller cups of Espresso, you can adjust larger cups by folding up the machine’s drip tray. Yet, the shape of the raised drip tray may limit full cups which will remain a bit away from the spout.

The energy saver may annoy you in the morning since 9 minutes could prove a short time for you in the morning wakeup. However, it can be altered to extend up to half an hour.

Check the following video on how to descale Pixie

Nespresso Inissia – What is the quality of coffee?

Do not judge this Espresso machine by its size. Despite the compact footprint, Nespresso Pixie features a 19-bar pressure pump. This feature will give you barista-grade smooth Espresso shots with a thick crema. Nespresso Grand Crus is a wide range of capsules that offers variety in flavors, intensity, aromas, and limited edition options. On the other hand, if you like latte or cappuccino, you need to grab the bundle of Aeroccino to complete your coffee desires. This will increase your investment for a coffee maker but will give you gourmet beverages with or without milk.

Should I grab Inissia Nespresso machine?

In comparison with the other small capsule machines, the Pixie Clips is a slightly more pricey but remains about the same cost as a Pixie, so the removable panels are on top that has not crashed the price.

On the other hand, they do not alter the performance of the Pixie, the side clips make owning a Pixie a little more fun, especially if you are renewing the kitchen of your house or remove the Pixie Clips from place to place, you can be assured that it will continuously adjust. What we suggest is to try and taste the Nespresso Grand Crus before purchasing since this is a capsule system which you may feel tied up to after buying.

Final Verdict

With this pack, you will get high-quality Espresso beverages every time. But the unique selling point of this machine is fun, choice, and variable. This is all about Nespresso Pixie Clips.


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