Nespresso CitiZ Review

Frankly speaking, this compact Espresso maker has become a life changer for my office.

Maybe you wish to have more information about that, but we ’ll get there.

To begin with, for the people who are not so much aware of Nespresso’s range of products, here is a short introduction:

The Nespresso CitiZ is a significantly handy and stylish automatic espresso coffee maker with a compact profile and with an appealing design.

It blends the best of Nespresso technology in a compact package: single serving capsules and a very easy to use milk frother to make latte or cappuccino beverages literally everywhere, with minimum handle and absolute convenience. Getting milky drinks is actually a 2 button procedure with this Nespresso machine.

Who Should Buy CitiZ?

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  • Pump Pressure: 19 Bars
  • Warm up: 25 – 30 second
  • Energy saver: 9 minutes auto OFF mode
  • Dimensions (WxDxH): 21.9  x  37.2  x  27.8 cm
  • Weight: 4.05 Kg
  • Removable water reservoir: 1 Lt
  • Used pods tray: 9 pods
  • Manual Pods insertion and ejection
  • Cable Length: 85 cm
  • Award-Winner for design: Red Dot for product

This Nespresso machine is created for the convenience-oriented user, searching for a compact and stylish Espresso machine that extracts high-quality shots of espresso very quickly.

Additionally, for those who are looking for a built-in milk frother. Entry models of other Espresso systems do not include this feature.

It is an ideal option for your work because it can be cleaned with ease and without any fuss.

Ok, so what drove me to purchase a Nespresso CitiZ?

I stopped on this Nespresso machine after doing extensive research on the most suitable espresso coffee maker for the office. At my office, I want a device which is fast to brew, needs few to no cleanup and is compact enough to match the office counter. Not to mention that I needed a solution that my colleagues would like when they wanted a shot of coffee.

Don’t misunderstand me here, I really appreciate the semi-automatic Espresso machines. Actually, I own one for home use. Home espresso making is a procedure that I love doing every single morning. Features and excellence of a semi-automatic Espresso machine cannot be beaten. Yet the CitiZ Nespresso machine is my other beloved part of the day at the office midday time.

The truth is that before the Citiz Nespresso machine I was getting really often to the Coffee shops near me to get my caffeine fix daily. I saved lots of money with the Citiz since the quality of Espresso shots is similar to the baristas of my neighborhood. Not to mention the time I was spending to get there and back to the office. It was a complete waste of money and precious time. This Nespresso machine totally serves the office use purposes.

After getting a Citiz, my midday coffee habit is roughly a 2-minute routine, and I am pretty sure that my colleagues appreciate it same as me. The Nespresso CitiZ has a lot to give, so let’s jump into the specs and features.

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This range of Nespresso can be bought stand-alone or including the Aeroccino milk frother. It is the entry-price model which can include the milk frother as a built-in feature.

Nespresso CitiZ Review

Nespresso CitiZ is a mid-range device from Nespresso Original line and includes a substantial balance of style and product characteristics. If you wish to get a piece of mind Espresso solution that will not ever let you down, then Citiz is an excellent choice.

Nespresso Pods

Similar to the rest of the Original line, it works under the Nespresso pod system of “grand crus” that includes various strengths, tastes, and aromas. All Nespresso pods are recyclable, decreasing the carbon footprint so you may feel free and happy after inserting a capsule into the device.

The advantage of the pod system is that every drinker can have their own preferences when it comes to coffee aroma, strength, flavor, and style. They also give a HUGE volume of crema on the Espresso shots. I couldn’t imagine the amount of crema before using a Nespresso machine. It’s really awesome if you like Espresso with rich crema.

After a Nespresso machine completes extraction of coffee, it can receive the used pods in an interior used-pods tray, which can take about 10-12 used capsules before you empty it.

Brewing Options

This Nespresso machine, similar to the entry-models of Nespresso, allows two volumes of brewing: a single shot of espresso and lungo. You can adjust the shot of Espresso to be your standard beverage, and lungo will consist of a bit longer volume of brewing, which may bring the drink close to an Americano coffee.

There are targeted pods for these two different brewing choices and will provide to your beverage a different strength. Usually, Espresso single-shot capsules are more intense. On the other hand, Lungo pods are not that strong. I could suggest for a Latte, use the more intense capsules that Nespresso offers. Additionally, you may not stick to the Nespresso system and search for third-party compatible pods. There are plenty of options, and you may have to experiment a little before you decide which one fits your taste the best. Nespresso CitiZ is pretty quick in brewing. Your shot will take only about 25 seconds to be extracted. This machine is ideal for your home or office.

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Water reservoir

The water capacity of the Nespresso CitiZ reservoir is perfect since it is 34 oz and will save you time from the frequent refilling.

I picked this coffee maker especially due to the reservoir capacity and please note that is a little bigger than the entry models. The water container is also handy to lift and refill when required. My office CitiZ is located next to the kitchen water tap so it couldn’t be easier.

Aeroccino milk brother

As already mentioned another point that I really liked on this Nespresso machine is the built-in Aeroccino milk frother. Although you can buy this coffee maker stand-alone, or grab the Aeroccino as an additional bundle, I love having it packed, so it is all one system.

The Aeroccino is also a feature that all your colleagues or members of your family will love. Creating a latte is straightforward. You actually spill in the milk to the mark-line. Switch on the lid, press the button, and hold on for a few moments while it excellently heats and froths the milk.

Really that’s it. Latte or cappuccino under the press of a button with your hands-free. I really have no words to describe how much I love the Aeroccino of this Nespresso machine.

Additional features

This coffee maker also comes with a few other characteristics that could be useful when starting: it arrives with a pack of starter pods. This is a valuable way to check your Nespresso capsules preferences to place your first order to Nespresso for coffee capsules.

It is also equipped with an energy saver, and the machine shuts off automatically after 9 minutes without brewing. I don’t know about you, but I am lousy at getting to turn off devices, so this is an excellent, environmental-friendly characteristic.

If you like to take larger beverages with you, then remember that the drip tray is detachable so you can place your travel mug if you’re getting a coffee to go.


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