Espresso is arguably becoming one of the most famous beverage on the planet and one which some of us just can’t leave without.  

Espresso is coming from Italy as did cappuccino, latte, macchiato, and Espresso with ice or freddo. 

There might be a lot of cool coffee shops that grew up just about everywhere, but nothing hits creating your own espresso at your kitchen. If you are searching for the best espresso machine with steam wand, you have reached to the right website. 

We’ll see now at some history on espresso before revealing you what Espresso makers are at your disposition if you desire exceptional Espresso. 

espresso machine with steam wand

Late of the 19th century, the need for a quicker process of brewing coffee converted to a burning need for the coffee shops that were overgrowing in those days. There was an increasing trend of going to a coffee house to have coffee rather than preparing it at home. 

Brewing coffee is time-consuming, and it’s a lot more comfortable for coffee enthusiasts to rest and wait while a professional barista takes care of business. 

The espresso device was developed by Angelo Moriondo. The inventor was from Turin, and he was also the first to be given the privilege to patent his Espresso coffee maker in 1884. The difference is that the first espresso machine was brewing bulks rather than single shots of Espresso. 

The following step came from Luigi Bezzerra from Milan, Italy. The inventor added a few improvements to the first Espresso machine. With these improvements, Bezzerra successfully launched an Espresso brewer with single shot capability.