lavazza oro coffee review

Lavazza Oro Coffee Review in 2023

Another coffee from the traditional Italian brand in the roast market. This time I have tested the Lavazza Oro for you, which is, of course, only one of many products from the world-famous roasting house. 

If you have ever come across the variety with its beautiful golden packaging, it will be recognized. I would like to review this Lavazza Oro to see if it will be accepted for its aroma and taste, as well.

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Gold, Gold, Gold: The packaging should already anticipate the content: “Qualità Oro” means nothing but “gold quality,” the synonym for “the best par excellence.” 

On the upper side of the packaging front, we learn the place and the country and the year of foundation: Turin, Italy, 1895. Yes, the company Lavazza can enjoy a long tradition.

In the middle, a kind of seal appears in a striking red, with the name of the variety, just “Qualità Oro.” We learn that it is selected premium quality and 100% Arabica beans. 

The back gives information about the flavors:

Chocolaty, dried fruits, spicy, wood and tobacco, caramel, malt and honey, and biscuit.

The degree of roasting is indicated with 5. On the right side, we can see that these beans are suitable after the grinding for the preparation in all standard coffee machines. 

The packaging in the real sense can be described as “beautiful” or “victorious.” The first impression when it comes to the coffee taste – it is always striking. Of course, we are even more interested in what awaits us inside the packaging.

The Lavazza Oro aroma while opening

Pleasantly full-bodied, gentle, and yet extremely aromatic: I was delighted with the aroma.

Unfortunately, as we have always experienced with Lavazza, the given flavors are easy to catch with your nose. Neither the caramel-like note nor biscuit, malt, or honey, let alone the aroma of wood and tobacco, moved into our noses! By contrast, it simply smelled delicious for coffee.

The Coffee beans

I was able to see a well-shaped and large roast in a very harmonious bean image, which had very few damaged beans. Also, their size was even and balanced. 

lavazza oro qualita

The origin of these coffee beans is something that I found out by conducting a little research and not directly by the packaging information. 

Here’s my personal opinion: It would have been better if this information had already been available to the consumer on the packaging! All in all, however, we had a very satisfying experience.

The crema

The crema is just as the consumer can expect from a top-quality coffee: long-lasting, robust, velvety-tender, but still with a strong body. I was delighted with the result. The almost frothy consistency in the production of espresso was particularly good: delicious!

The taste

In a nutshell, the taste was satisfactory for such coffee with “advance laurels.” Still, it did not tear me away from the proverbial “stool.” I started preparing espresso in my coffee machine. 

The crema, as described, really delighted me, the taste was beautifully aromatic and gentle, of the nuances I have mentioned. 

Above all, the slightly sweetish aromas of malt and honey have emerged. But since the aromatic variations in the pure version as an espresso were only partially effective, I was somewhat skeptical about the production of other specialties such as latte macchiato and cappuccino.

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Lavazza Oro vs Rossa

I was delighted with a full-bodied espresso, although special flavors were not so clear to taste. When I tried it in milky beverages, I lost all the distinctive flavors. Perhaps it was the promising packaging that fueled me with high expectations.

In any case, I was not so satisfied with milky variations. For example, the coffee tasted a bit boring as a cappuccino. Too bad. At this point, the Lavazza Rossa coffee beans from the same company are a better choice for me. For those who love straight shots of cappuccino with thick crema and full-body, Lavazza Oro is perfect.

On the other hand, for lattes, americanos, or cappuccinos, Lavazza Rossa is my preference.

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Which coffee beverages can you produce with this variety?

In principle, of course, you have the opportunity to prepare all coffee variations with the Lavazza Qualità Oro. As we already said in the taste test, the sheer variety knew how to convince us while we were less pleased with the combination with milk.

If you like the honey-sweet aroma, and you generally prefer a more reserved aroma, then this variety is certainly suitable for you. In my opinion, the result in terms of “golden quality” overall lags behind the associated expectations.

In which coffee makers can you use this coffee without any problems?

To extract delicious coffee with this Lavazza variety, you will need a coffee grinder, of course. Then you can use this coffee in a super-automatic espresso machine, mocha pot, french press, and for filter coffee as well. In any case, I used my super-automatic espresso machine for this Lavazza Oro review.

Lavazza Coffee Beans Storage

I would only advise you here just don’t leave the coffee beans in their packaging after opening. You should put them in a container that leaves the air out. I wouldn’t store them in the refrigerator either.

The best place is to store them in a dry, cool, and dark area of your kitchen. This will keep your coffee fresh, and the aroma will remain for longer. Of course, it is always the best to grind the beans just before enjoying your coffee.


From the variety Lavazza Qualita Oro we expected, in terms of taste, probably a little too much. Although the consistency of the crema was in line with my wishes, in terms of balance was far behind. And especially for a product praised as “gold grade.”

If you do not care about a particularly robust and distinctive taste in coffee and prefer a more reserved aroma, you should not be disappointed. If you like it stronger, you should look for alternatives.

You may see the Youtube promotional video for Lavazza Qualita Oro.


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