How to Make Instant Coffee Taste Better

How to Make Instant Coffee Taste Better?

Coffee lovers consider that the taste of instant coffee does not taste that good. They also stated that instant coffee is a terrible one. Even though the best brand of instant coffee doesn’t seem to level the flavor of the traditional brewed coffee. And let us talk about real aspects, we cannot consider instant coffee as the conventionally brewed coffee. Yes, instant pieces of stuff might also bring advantages to the lives of people, but instant pieces of stuff also have some disadvantages. Here’s the question that some people may have.

“Are there any ways to make your instant coffee taste better?”

This article will give you some techniques and ways to make your instant coffee taste better than before. Want to know it all? Keep on reading. Enjoy!

Sour and bitter taste and has a chalky consistency are some of the complaints of many coffee lovers about instant coffee. With that kind of descriptions about instant coffee, why do we always need to bother about that? We all know that instant coffee is the most convenient and the easiest way to fulfill your needs of caffeine. Having an instant coffee will always be great during travels, most especially when you have overnight camping in a particular place, instant coffee will not require you any equipment, just a small cup and a small amount of hot water. Instant coffee can also help those coffee lovers that were on a budget, for it has a lower price compared to the regular coffee.

If you usually caught yourself rushing during the morning, having the instant coffee with its fastest part will be the gap between walking late to the office and waiting for the train. What is the simplest way for you to be able to have an excellent tasting instant coffee? The answer is simple: mix your favorite brand of instant coffee with a little amount of cold water and add the hot water. By doing this hack, it will reduce the bitter taste and the acidity that you can get from the instant coffee. I am sure that you will be surprised when you taste your instant coffee that was mixed with cold water. The following are some additional hacks that you can do to make your instant coffee taste better than ever.

Hacks on Improving the Taste of your Instant Coffee

Add Some Cinnamon

Sometimes, a little flavor is the only thing that instant coffee does not have. 

And adding some cinnamon to your instant coffee will improve the taste of it. 

Cinnamon that is not too spicy is considered as a healthy alternative to other sweet ingredients in the instant coffee such as sugar. Before putting some hot water top your instant coffee, add a little amount of powdered cinnamon on it and stir simultaneously.

Add Some Cocoa powder

coccoa powder instant coffee add

We all know that chocolates can change the taste of everything. Before you add the hot water to your instant coffee, take a scoop or two scoops of cocoa powder– either unsweetened or sweetened. 

Be surprised to the new taste of your instant coffee.

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Add Some Liquor

This kind of hack is not suitable for those people who will go to school or work. Adding a little amount of liquor to your instant coffee can give your instant coffee a more significant improvement on its taste. 

You can use whiskey or Bailey’s alcohol to add some buzzing flavor to your instant coffee. This is considered as the perfect combination.

Add Some Butter

instant coffee with butter

Putting some butter in your instant coffee will change the taste of it. Butter helps the coffee to have a silky texture and reduce the bitter taste of the coffee. You will need to add a slice of butter to your already made coffee, and you will now taste the new flavor of your instant coffee.

Add Some Milk and Ice

milk to coffee

This hack is suitable for those people who love Frappuccinos. You can now switch your instant coffee into your favorite drinks. With the use of your blender, add the milk, ice, instant coffee mix, and the sweetener to have a creamy and smooth coffee. 

If you feel fancy, you can add some cocoa powder to your Frappuccinos.

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