how to make coffee taste good

How to Make Coffee Taste Good?

You are here because you are a coffee type, you need this lovely beverage in the morning to start your day with a mood boost. However, very often you are wondering why the taste is not always that pleasant? It’s ok most of us have been in your shoes and searched how to make coffee taste good. Thankfully there are some tips that you will find very useful in your improving coffee journey. There is no need to spend a fortune to get the right equipment neither to go to a barista seminar to improve your technique in brewing. Some of the following tips not only will make your coffee taste better but will make it even healthier. By copying these points, you can put the morning smile back to your face and have a fantastic cup of coffee every day. Featured Image Source:

Better Taste for Your Coffee

Are you willing to take a small action and enhance the flavor of each cup of coffee? Great! Following we list a few tips that we consider helpful for the improvement of the taste of your favorite beverage. These guides are straightforward for every person to implement in the comfort of your kitchen. From now on you shouldn’t have any problem taking your coffee taste to another level.

Start With Your Coffee Maker

a) You need to maintain your coffee maker clean and fresh It is not possible sometimes to do this after each brewing. At least you should do it very often to take away all coffee particles from old grounds. These coffee leftovers have the tendency to spoil the taste of the coffee. Do this, and you will notice that will add a point to the taste and aroma.  b) You can run a trial brew Run a hot water brew to make sure that the water has the proper temperature for your morning freshly brewed coffee cup. Some machines require a little more time to preheat, and a couple of trials will only bring the water to the right temperature but will help flush the device from previous coffee grounds. This is particularly valid for conventional drip coffee machines. The water isn’t getting warm enough until the second or even the third brew.

Tips for the Water

After reading the previous tips, we assume that your coffee machine is good to go and we should focus on the quality of the water that you use for brewing. a) Refill the tank with cold water Coffee experts use cold water to brew hot coffee. It may seem strange to you, but this is totally true. Do the test and refill with water from your fridge and you will notice the difference. Now knowing this you should never put hot or warm water to the water reservoir. Heating water has to be done by your coffee maker for a better taste of the coffee. b) Tap water is not ideal The water from your tap is full of chemicals to be clean such as fluoride and chlorine. If you could use bottled, filtered water, you would do another step towards improving the taste of your coffee. Chemical elements from tap water impact the taste of your coffee within a negative way. In case you do not wish to get a pack of bottles with filtered water in the area of your kitchen, you could get a water filter for the tap. Besides the benefit for the coffee taste, will be healthier for you and your family. c) Measure the water temperature Some coffee lovers boil their water for coffee. Have in mind that its temperature should be close to the ideal level which is 205 F or 9degrees. Either you boil water or the coffee maker does it, you should monitor the temperature of the water. You should get a good thermometer to do this, and you may need to make adjustments or replace your coffee device. how to make coffee taste better Picture’s Source:

Tips for the coffee itself

If you have made the previous adjustments and you are getting lousy quality of coffee, then you will not get the desired outcome in taste. a) Use freshly grounded beans Coffee experts all agree that this is vital for excellent coffee taste. Freshly grounded coffee release all the aroma and flavor to the cup. On the other hand, pre-ground batches are losing these qualities in time. If you grind the coffee, you need to ensure that you grind correctly with the correct size. If your beans were stored for long in your kitchen, then you should seriously consider to through them away and buy a new fresh pack. If coffee beans are fresh, but still taste spoiled, then you may have to search for a roaster that roasts beans rather than purchasing pre-roasted from a coffee shop. b) Use the right balance between coffee and water One of the fastest ways to mess up is to apply the wrong proportion of coffee and water. Too large coffee proportion gives a bland and diluted coffee, while too small usually results in a bitter brew. The suitable mixture is often 2 tablespoons of coffee for a water volume of 6 oz. c) Storage is important Maybe you wish to get just a small quantity of coffee every couple of days. If not, then you should have an effective way to put your coffee beans. Keep in mind, never put them in the refrigerator and it is suggested to spend a few bucks in a box that will retain the air out while they are remaining to be ground. However, it is not recommended to store coffee for a long time. Even the best conditions cannot ensure the excellent quality of your coffee for a long time. d) Experiment with other selections of beans If you have tried all the previous tips and still you are not fully satisfied with the taste of your coffee, then you should consider buying a different kind of coffee beans. Experiment a little with different roasters or brands, and you may be surprised by your findings. You may get fresher and better kind of coffee beans that will suit 100% your coffee taste and style.


The fundamental elements that give a good taste in your coffee are the machine, the water, your coffee. So, maintain and clean regularly your coffee maker. Use cold, filtered water, and monitor the temperature of the water. Check your coffee beans, prefer freshly grounded and if you did all the above, think out of the box. Change your supplier, the brand even the coffee type. For coffee enthusiasts, there is no worse thing than getting a spoiled taste in their coffee. As you may have seen, there are simple things to adjust and to answer your question which was “how to make coffee taste good” and without breaking the bank. We didn’t suggest to go to barista seminars or get high-end equipment to enjoy a decent cup of coffee. READ ALSO Best Nespresso capsules Best espresso beans

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