how many ounces is a shot of espresso

How Many Ounces is a Shot of Espresso? Learn Now The Pro Tips!

An espresso shot is about 0.84 ounces or up to 25 ml of liquid coffee. A double shot of espresso is 1.7 ounces or 50 ml. This coffee volume has to do with the liquid extraction from your espresso machine. For a shot of espresso, you’ll need about 7 gr of coffee beans. 

Have in mind that espresso at Starbucks comes with different volumes. And you have Ristretto and Lungo too. We are set to provide you with all the answers about espresso volumes with this post. Also, we’ll cover some essentials that have to do with taste and acidity. So read on and discover more interesting facts about your favorite Italian beverage. 

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True Italian Certified Espresso

The Instituto Nazionale Espresso Italiano (INEI) has certified the espresso making process. Espresso involves some technical parameters. 

Refer to the table below for the technicalities of a true Italian shot of espresso

Fine grounds of coffee7 gr± 0,5
Water temperature exiting the unit190.4 °F± 35 
Beverage temperature in the cup152.6 °F± 37
Water pressure9 bar ± 1
Extraction duration25 seconds± 5 seconds
Thickness at 113 °F> 1,5 mPa s
Fats> 2 mg/ml
Caffeine contentup to 100 mg / shot
Oz per shot including crema0.84 oz (25 ml)± 0.08 (2.5)
Instituto Nazionale Espresso Italiano

According to INEI, espresso starts with the weight of coffee grounds [1]. The procedure is standard. It’s more about the rest of the technical parameters than the total outcome in ounces. Yet the espresso shot is something less than 1 oz. 

Now you have the technical parameters to prepare true espresso at home. But, you’ll have to sharpen your barista skills for the best espresso outcome.

On top of that, you’ll need to have the following gear: 

  1. Quality blend of coffee beans
  2. Proper grinder
  3. Barista grade espresso machine

Different Espresso Volumes

In Italy, espresso is a single shot of coffee. Yet, in the US, it’s common to order an espresso with added shots of coffee, resulting in a double or triple shot. There’s also a shorter version called a ristretto, and a longer version called a lungo. 

A shot of Ristretto is ½ ounce (15 ml). It is a shorter, more concentrated shot of espresso. The coffee beans are ground finer to extract more flavor in a shorter amount of time. The result is a bold, intense flavor with less bitterness.

how many onces is a shot of espresso

A lungo espresso is a coffee drink that has more water than normal to an espresso shot. This results in a weaker drink with less caffeine than a traditional double espresso. A lungo can be anywhere between 1 ½ ounce and 2 ounces.

Espresso At Starbucks

espresso at starbucks

Starbucks makes espresso from some of the highest quality coffee beans. Their espresso machines are state-of-the-art. Also, they produce a high volume of espresso each day. The company has been making espresso for more than 50 years and knows how to make a great cup of coffee.

A shot of espresso volume is something between Italian espresso and a Ristretto. Also, they don’t call it a single shot but Solo. And they call the double shot of espresso Doppio [2]. Here below you may check the espresso volumes and names that Starbucks offers:

Solo0.75 oz
Doppio1.50 oz
Triple2.25 oz
Quad 3 oz
Starbucks Espresso Shots

The Basics Of Espresso

Espresso is an Italian word that means express. It implies that this coffee is ideal for immediate consumption. 

Espresso should drip from the portafilter like hot honey. The cream should make up 10-15% of the drink, and it should have a dark reddish-brown color.



Derived from the dissolution of caffeine, quinine, and various alkaloids. It is desirable to some extent. The factors that have to do with bitterness are the following:

  • Degree of roasting
  • Caffeine content in your blend
  • Extraction process


Refers to the dissolution of sucrose and polysaccharides present in coffee. Desirable but difficult to detect in coffees that are not excellent.


Several good coffees have a salty taste that is often desirable. It is the outcome in taste from the solution of sodium chloride or other salts.


Most of the time the sour taste in espresso is not desirable but you shouldn’t confuse it with acidity. 


espresso shot

It is the intense and dry aftertaste that adds life to your coffee. Most coffees from Kenya and Central America are popular for their intense acidity. Also, most wet-processed coffees should have a strong acidity.

Acidity doesn’t have to do with the levels of pH in your coffee. It is the result of the acids present in coffee. It’s the dry and intense taste that you perceive on the back of your tongue. The sensation is like that of drinking dry red wine. Dry processed coffees will have subtle and low-toned acidity.

It’s important to note that as the roasting progresses, the acidity in the coffee decreases. The acidity should be mild, but present in excellent coffees.

For this reason most roasters in the US, roast espresso beans very dark. However, a stronger roast will affect the flavor and sweetness of your espresso [3, 4].

Barista Tips For Espresso Making

Crafting an espresso shot is like mastering a technique. Quality espresso involves a few technicalities that you shouldn’t overlook. The most important step to creating excellent espresso is to use high-quality beans.

The grinder settings are also very important. Coffee grounds can’t be too fine or too coarse. Too fine will give a very strong espresso and too coarse will create a watery outcome.

Use your ground coffee immediately after grinding to avoid oxidative damage.  Make sure you get rid of all remaining coffee grinds from the filter. Use your knock container and wipe off the filter to remove any coffee particles. 

Most espresso machines don’t use paper filters for a reason. Espresso’s unique flavor comes from compounds and insoluble oils. The result is robust, syrupy, and mouthful.

Take a second to wipe the edges of the filter. Next, run a bit of water through your machine’s group. Put the portafilter on the group. Press the button and let the machine extract your coffee into a porcelain espresso cup. Following these tips, you’ll have a rich crema and bold flavor in every cup.

The Bottom Line

When making espresso it’s important to know the volumes and the technicalities. Answering the question of how many ounces is a shot of espresso is simple. A single shot of espresso is something less than 1 ounce and you’ll need 7 gr of excellent coffee beans. 

To prepare excellent espresso you’ll need quality coffee, the proper gear, and some skills. Andrea Illy said: “Espresso is a miracle of chemistry in a cup”.

What To Do Next?

You got all the necessary information about espresso volumes. Now it’s time to prepare your own cup of delicious espresso. In case you’re on the market for a new espresso machine, don’t forget to read our post on how much should you spend on an espresso machine. You may be interested in reading the Lavazza Oro review.

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