Welcome to the comparison of the Breville Bambino Vs Bambino Plus espresso machines.

Before you proceed with reading let us inform you that we’re a small team of passionate baristas and espresso enthusiasts. We love to research and share tips on how to enhance your coffee-making experience at home. 

In the comparison of the Breville Bambino to the Bambino Plus, there is no doubt that the newest Breville Bambino Plus is better. The Breville Bambino Plus is ideal for beginners who want high-quality espresso at home. The Breville Bambino also makes good coffee. But it lacks some features that will help you have more consistent results. 

Let’s start to discuss the features and differences between these two espresso makers. 

Breville Bambino Vs Bambino Plus: Introduction

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Not all espresso machines have the same performance. So, it’s important to compare their key features to figure out which is the best one for you.

In the Breville Bambino vs Bambino Plus, it all comes down to your preference. The Bambino is more flexible and has a lower price. If you prefer to guarantee your results, then the Bambino Plus might be better for you.

The Bambino Plus has more features of automation. Like a steam function and presets, so it’s precise from the very first use. The Bambino has fewer automatic functions. It comes with a manual wand that gives you more control over customizing milk drinks.

You have more flexibility, such as being able to choose the temperature and milk texture. So, to figure out the differences, we should really look at what each machine can do for you.

Breville Bambino Vs Bambino Plus – Features Comparison

Breville is a company that specializes in high-end espresso makers. Both the Breville Bambino and the Breville Bambino Plus are excellent machines. They make perfect espresso every time.

But, they also have some differences to consider when deciding which one your should buy.

Breville Bambino Vs Bambino Plus

Breville Bambino vs Breville Bambino Plus: Espresso Quality

The most important thing you need to know is if the machine can produce high-quality espresso.

All Breville espresso makers are popular for their quality coffee brewing. The Bambino and Bambino plus also carry the same reputation. These entry-level models come with the same core features.

So, when it comes to which one will produce better espresso, the answer is that both will make perfect coffee. They both pre-infuse and extract with low pressure. So there is no difference in the espresso brewing between these models.

Precise temperature is important in espresso. Again these two models will perform the same. They come with the (PID) digital temperature control system.

This technology will deliver the optimal temperature very fast. This is one of the reasons why Breville espresso makers are popular for their espresso.

Espresso requires good water pressure. Both espresso machines come with a 15-bar pump pressure system. This kind of pressure is enough to compete with commercial-grade espresso makers.

Both espresso machines come with a pre-infusion system. This technology slowly adds water to the grounds within the portafilter. It ensures precision in espresso and delivers a bold flavor and rich aroma. These are the quality features that Breville is famous for.

If you are willing to put in the time and effort, using a semi-automatic machine is best. The amount of technique involved makes this machine more challenging.

Temperature control, dosing espresso, tamping to pull perfect espresso. These are all considerations to make when choosing this type of machine.

All in all, both Breville espresso machines share the same espresso brewing technology. So, there isn’t any difference in their brewing performance.

Milk Frothing Performance

This feature is important if you plan to make milk-based drinks at home. If you love cappuccinos or lattes then you should read this section more carefully. The milk frothing system is the key difference between these two espresso machines.

The Breville Bambino Plus comes with an automatic system for frothing milk. Breville Bambino does this job with a manual system. So, Bambino will leave more guesswork for you if you’re a beginner.

However, not machines share the same heating technology which is a Thermojet system. Thermojet heating allows fast heat up of the machine. Also, you can steam milk right after brewing without having to wait for the system to reheat.

Keep reading since we discuss the milk systems of these espresso makers.

breville bambino vs bambino plus review

Breville Bambino Milk System

First, we have to say that the milk steaming of the Breville Bambino is powerful. But it’s more of a traditional way to prepare milk-based drinks at home.

If you’re an experienced barista you may prefer this kind of milk steaming. But, if you start now it will not help you to have consistent results. You may find the learning curve frustrating and abandon milk-based drinks completely.

The tip of the wand has one hole and a single button for the steam function. You need to hold your jag and prepare milk manually.

Manual steaming comes with a benefit too when compared to automatic. You can achieve better results with almond or soya milk if you know what you’re doing. This kind of result isn’t easy to achieve with an automatic system. They are designed for steaming more fatty milk (dairy). So, they can’t deliver the same results with vegan milk.

Both machines are entry-level and designed for the beginner. So, I think that the automatic milk frothing is important and a reason to opt for the Breville Bambino Plus.

Breville Bambino Plus Milk System

There are many benefits to the automatic milk frothing system of the Bambino Plus. Especially if you’re a beginner in the world of espresso and love milk-based drinks.

The system is much faster than the manual system of the Bambino. This is due to the 4 holes that the tip reduces time by 20 seconds.

Milk steaming can take you up to a minute with the Breville Bambino. With the Bambino Plus, you’ll need almost half of the time.

The automatic frothing comes with temperature control technology. That’s why it leaves no guesswork for you. It leaves less control in the coffee making but it maximizes the consistency of the outcome.

Just place your cup under the wand and don’t worry about the angle. With the two extra buttons, you select the temperature and texture. Select the temperature and texture and leave the rest to the espresso machine.

The Bambino Plus is a bit bigger than the Bambino. And the steam wand is a little longer than the Bambino. But the size remains compact and won’t bother you even if you have space limitations.

Breville Bambino Plus: Milk Steaming Winner

There is no doubt that these days we prefer convenience and results. This is why Breville Bambino Plus wins over the Bambino when it comes to milk steaming.

The automatic steaming of the Bambino Plus is faster and more consistent. This feature only will make your caffeine routine much easier. Especially if you plan to drink milk-based coffee regularly.

But if you’re an experienced home barista and want to save some money, then the Bambino is better for you. Plus it will deliver better results when using plant-based milk.

Design & Build

If you put side-by-side these machines you won’t notice big differences in size. They’re both compact and they will fit almost any kitchen space.

The Bambino Plus offers some more features that most users will love. The machine has a bigger water tank of 20 oz from the Bambino. This means that you won’t refill the machine very often.

Also, the Breville Bambino Plus has 2 years of warranty whereas the Bambino only has one. I always like to feel more secure when I buy an expensive device. So, the extra year is a strong plus for me.

When it comes to design, the Breville Bambino Plus comes only in brushed stainless steel. The Bambino Plus has also a black version that leaves more options to fit your kitchen decor.

The Breville Bambino doesn’t have a temperature sensor in the drip tray. This leaves more space for your cup. Both are sturdy and built with quality materials. So, they will last for many years. 


  • Bambino: 7.7 x 12.6 x 12.2 (inches), 1.4 lt Water Tank (47 oz)
  • Bambino Plus: 9.6 x 16.3 x 16.9 (inches), 1.9 lt Water Tank (64 oz)

If your kitchen is very small and the slight difference in size matters, then the Bambino might be better.


Both machines are similar when it comes to their usability. They both make a single or double shot of espresso with the touch of a button.

It’s much easier to make milk-based drinks with the Breville Bambino Plus. The machine has milk presets so you get perfect steam without burning your milk.

Again, if you’re an experienced barista who wants to save a few bucks, then the Breville Bambino is good for you. But you’ll have to know how to steam milk the proper way.

You can program both machines in single or double-shot extraction by pressing and holding a button. Both machines have a hot water function for Americanos. In the Breville Bambino, it’s easier to figure out which is the right button.

The Breville Bambino has fewer features, and fewer buttons and thus it’s easier to use. But this doesn’t mean that the Bambino Plus is difficult to figure out how it works.

Some may argue about how reliable the extra functions and sensors are. I would answer these arguments with the extra year of warranty of the Plus that will cover all the doubts. This warranty extension clearly shows Breville’s confidence in the product.

So, more features are always welcome for me. The Breville Bambino Plus is a better machine for beginners. The machine has all the features to cut the guesswork in coffee making at home.

Value For Money

The value you get for your money is related to your needs. These two espresso machines perform the same when it comes to brewing.

When it comes to espresso brewing, both machines share the same technology. So, there isn’t any difference in espresso making.

So, if you stick to espresso making and you don’t plan to prepare milk-based coffee, then go for the Bambino.

Also if you know how to steam milk at home, then the Bambino Plus won’t offer you more value.

Do you want consistency in coffee making and don’t want to test and learn how to steam milk properly? Then the Bambino Plus offers greater value for your money.

The Bambino Plus offers better convenience, more options, and better warranty terms. Also, the machine makes perfect milk-based coffee in a consistent way. Your lattes and cappuccinos will be delicious every day.

Additional Accessories

There are also a few differences in the accessories of each espresso machine. The Breville Bambino doesn’t have a dosing tool and comes with fewer filter baskets.

Also, the tamper is made of plastic in the Breville Bambino whereas the Plus comes with a metal one. 

A metal tamper is heavier and better for getting a flat puck of coffee grounds. A flat puck is important to avoid water channeling and uneven extraction in brewing. These two alone can ruin the flavor of your espresso.

The razor precision tool for dosing is nice to have if you’re a beginner and don’t know how to dial in your dose.

For some these differences are minor but still, you need to have these extra tools. Remember buying them separately you’ll need to spend $50-$60 and the Bambino Plus includes them.

The Breville Bambino Plus offers more value since it includes these extra accessories. Even though the non-pressurized baskets aren’t easy to use by a beginner.

The Winner

Some may say that Breville Bambino has all the features I need and it’s more affordable. But, by buying the Bambino Plus you’ll get more options, better usability, a longer warranty, and better value for your money.

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If you want just a couple of espresso straight shots per day, then go with the Breville Bambino. But, if you want some variety with milk-based drinks, then the Bambino Plus will give you a more consistent coffee experience. 

Both machines are built to last for a long, but the Breville Bambino Plus comes with two years of warranty. So, the winner is the newest Breville Bambino Plus.