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Elevate Coffee Review: Is Smart Coffee Legit or Not?

Have you ever heard about smart coffee? You may believe your daily cup of coffee is smart, but I’m gonna tell you all about Elevate Coffee, or Elevacity, or Smart Coffee. So, one day I was scrolling Facebook feed, and a friend of mine posted “wow I just lost two pounds in the last two days just from drinking coffee,” and that time of my life I was struggling to lose some weight. 

So when I saw my friend’s post on Facebook, it really piqued my interest, and asked her what is this you are drinking? So she sends me a message about this something called Elevate Smart Coffee.

Most of us before buying were questioning is this coffee a trending item or do what it claims? I had the same question as well, and I moved forward, I ordered Elevate coffee to test. Before stating my experience here, I should start with what Elevate coffee says that it offers.

Elevate Coffee Review – The Elevate Coffee Promise

There is no doubt that the company promises some pretty unbelievable things that will happen to you by having this coffee!

  • Fat burn and loss of weight
  • Positive feelings and better mood
  • Clarity and better focus
  • Increased levels of energy and extrovert attitude

Don’t tell me these claims aren’t incredible?

I was highly motivated by these claims, and I have to admit that I was doubtful when ordering about the fat burn, positive feelings, and weight loss promises. Yet, I couldn’t resist to this appealing offer!

In general, I don’t believe the weight loss industry, and this is why I was more doubtful about this part of the company’s claim. We all know that there are too many scammers out there who wait to make extra bucks on your pain. 

If you want my opinion on Elevate coffee, I have to say that it’s not a scam but don’t expect that you will lose 20lb in ten days. All weight loss and fat burn products will help you if you help them as well. Don’t expect to sit on your couch, eat your favorite burger, watch TV, and you will lose weight at the same time. It won’t happen!

What’s in Elevate Coffee?

So what are the magic ingredients within this over-promising coffee? Most of them are clear to understand, whereas others require some clarifications. Don’t worry I’ll make the clarifications for you.

  • Rich Dark Roast Coffee
  • Espresso Coffee
  • Green tea with L-Theanine which will help you reduce stress
  • Organic cocoa
  • Green coffee extract
  • Canola Lecithin
  • PEA (Beta phenylethylamine HCL) – Something like a hormone, generated naturally in the body and helps your brain by improving your cognitive capacity, triggers feelings of happiness, and motivation
  • Kigelia Africana – Extract which benefits your skin with anti-inflammatory functions
  • A-GPC (Alpha-Glyceryl Phosphoryl Choline) – Also, it supports the cognitive capacity, and you may have seen it in Alzheimer’s treatment as well.
  • Caffeine Anhydrous: Stimulates weight loss
  • Juglans Regia extract – Anti-inflammatory, relieves anxiety and work burnout
  • Chromium polynicotinate – It may assist in fat burn, weight loss and to balance the blood sugar at optimum levels
  • Xylitol – Sugar-free sweetener
  • Flavors of vanilla and coffee
  • High oleic sunflower oil
  • Acacia gum: Binding agent
  • Syrup of brown
  • Silicon dioxide
  • Sunflower lecithin – Adds a creaminess sense
  • D-Alpha Tocopherol – Vitamin E

There’s no doubt that many of these ingredients include stimulant in this Elevate coffee product.

How Much Will Cost You & Where to Get it

The cost of Elevate coffee is its big con here. On the other hand, this beverage can’t be offered at the same price as regular coffee. And if it were at the same price, it would be suspicious!

I placed an order on Amazon for 30 servings package, it cost me about $2.5 per day, and I had one cup each day. I consider this price more in comparison with diet supplements, rather to coffee beverages available. 

You can find single sticks online, but it would be more expensive than the 30-serves box. So, if you’re skeptical, get a couple of sticks to test and then go for the bigger package.

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Elevate Coffee at First Glance

The day I first tried the cup of Elevate, I had high expectations for the day. It was a busy week at the office with long hours, lots of open projects, and deadlines as well. 

Usually, under these circumstances, I get multiple shots of Espresso and energy drinks. For this week, I thought I should examine a new energy boost solution.

My first impression was that it’s quite easy to prepare since it’s an instant coffee beverage. You know that there is not always time to wait for pre-heating and brewing or going to the nearest coffee shop. 

So, an instant coffee solution works like a charm, and if your workplace is equipped with a microwave. If not, Elevate coffee works and tastes fine with cold water as well.

Quick instructions:

Fill in your cup with 6-8 ounces of water (hot or cold), pour a serving of Elevate coffee, stir, and you’re good for your first sip. The package instructions suggest that you can mix it with other beverages as well. On the other hand, I am a straight person and don’t like to mix things up! Moreover, this review is fairer by giving my opinion on the single coffee instead of a mixed beverage.

The Packaging

The tub I got is easy to open, and a scoop for your dose is included. What you can do if you order it, start with a half of a scoop to see how it works for you. The tub label claims that Elevate Smart Coffee is weight managing, mood enhancing, nootropic infused, and happy coffee. It contains 4.8 ounces or 137 grams, which is a 30 days supply if you do a full scoop.

This kind of details may seem boring to you, but the tub itself elevated my mood a bit before I had my first sip of coffee. It’s a package you can store easily to your desk or kitchen counter.

It may give you the impression that a scoop is far more quantity of coffee compared to instant coffee. But once you pour it in the cup, stir it up, and take the first sip, you’ll see that it’s just the right amount.

How it Smells

The smell isn’t extraordinary, but I didn’t get Elevate coffee for the aroma, but for the claims of the product. It reminded me of something between the instant cappuccino sticks and perhaps something close to cocoa.

How About the Flavor

Same as the aroma, the taste of Elevate coffee isn’t extraordinary either.
I need to recognize though that it’s not flat or stale like similar products of competitors.

If you expect the flavor of a barista grade espresso, don’t go for Elevate coffee. If you’re okay with a decent cup of coffee with earthy sense, then it should make you happy with its flavor. Remember, once again that this beverage does not claim an extraordinary aroma and flavor.

It’s slightly bitter, so if you’re not familiar with drinking your coffee black, you’ll need to put a sweetener to it to at least improve it a bit. You’ll apparently require some kind of cream or milk, too. These additions will give you better taste along with more calories.

I don’t feel confident to describe the aftertaste that Elevate leaves to your mouth. It reminded me of a light roast of coffee with acidic, sharp, points of flavor. Yet, the body of coffee remains heavy, similar to a dark roast. I don’t know if I managed to describe the taste adequately, but don’t expect a delicious gourmet coffee here, this is pretty clear.

woman drinking coffee

Smart Coffee Mouthfeel

This Elevate Coffee doesn’t feel light coffee as other instant coffee. You will feel a medium body cream to your mouth that seemed to be a little interesting.

Is Elevate Coffee Effective?

Sometimes what you expect happens, and I hope this isn’t the case here. Before finishing the cup, I felt a little kick-in of the beverage and managed to concentrate better and work more effectively. 

Before the first sip, I have to admit that my eyes were pretty heavy, and I was thinking of how I was going to survive in the office for the rest of the day. I believe that I got a little energy boost with clearer thinking and less exhaustion begun to fade.

Cognitive Clarity, Concentration, and Productivity

If you ask me, I prefer to stay on the couch and read my favorite book rather than being at the office. Yet, I managed to stabilize my energy levels, to finish my powerpoint presentation in less time than I expected and met a potential client as well. I wasn’t feeling anxious staying in my office, nor distracted to finish one single task.

When I finished my cup, my mood was much better and didn’t mind being at the office. I was able to think clearly, and some kind of joy that finally got a coffee that lifts me up. It was much easier to focus on, and tasks required less time to be completed.

Positive feelings, Happiness, and State of Mind

A couple of minutes later, I knew that I had a better state of mind. I started thinking that I wasn’t at the worse place anyway, only my energy levels were a little lower than I wanted. 

I began to feel stronger hope about any of my running projects. I felt confident that I’d meet all of the active deadlines and have a little more creative time for plans and personal tasks. I can claim now that I started feeling more appreciation for my coworkers and me (almost two-thirds of the cup of Elevate coffee). 

Perhaps more people on this planet should consume Elevate Coffee, and Earth finally will be a better place? Okay, this is a small exaggeration here, but this thing worked for me, and I will continue having a cup whenever I wish a powerful stimulant.

Fat Burn and Losing Weight?

I am not the appropriate person to demonstrate the effect on weight loss and fat burn since I don’t use it daily, either as a diet loss supplement. I can say for sure that I didn’t feel any hunger after the first sips, so it may work for weight loss as well. I can see that if you feel better, you could avoid the stress-eating, so I start to believe that it can help in balancing your weight at the desired levels.

Some Points on the Caffeine Volume of Smart Coffee

I must make clear that there was a short time when I believed I was close to getting another panic attack. It happens to me a few times within the year, but it’s quite rare. 

I was very close to this panic point but promptly came back to normal (and next quickly got the desire to stand up and make the dance of joy on my desk).

Thankfully the panic didn’t happen to me. It was presumably the caffeine kick. I had earlier had my usual first mug of coffee. A little bit later I’d drunk my cup, I started feeling the wish that it would be better if I’d never had that morning mug of coffee. 

I thought like I’d gone a bit further with the caffeine. I could still concentrate but felt a little nervous. You must have in mind this if you’re sensitive to energizers.

So, my friend who posted on Facebook, what she did with smart coffee, she added it to her regular coffee and then fixed her coffee the same way that she typically does daily. 

I just have an issue with coffee, I can’t drink too much caffeine because I don’t like acidic aftertaste with coffee. It really does hurts my stomach, and when I did it, I found it too much. I have added it though to my protein shake a few times and was excellent.

At this point, I am aware that Elevate Smart Coffee contains 130 mg of caffeine. If you compare it with a regular cup of coffee, which includes aproximately100 mg, you’ll realize that it’s a bigger kick. The website of Elevacity, says that their coffee has 140 mg per single serve, which is far more caffeine than the regular 8 ounces cup.

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Is Elevacity Smart Coffee for You?

If you are looking for a stronger stimulant to help you focus, be more productive, feel better, and you’re willing to pay the extra bucks for your caffeine shots, then Yes Elevate Smart Coffee is for you. You could try it with a more inexpensive way by getting a few sticks from Amazon. If you like the taste, aroma, and realize the benefits to your body, and state of mind, then you could go for the 30-servings tub that will last for 1 month.

My opinion is that every avid coffee lover should try at least a couple of sticks of Elevate Smart Coffee. On the other hand, if you’re a decaf type, then be careful with this kind of coffee.

You may see another video review here below:

Elevate Coffee Review Is Smart Coffee Legit or Not
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