do chocolate covered espresso beans have caffeine

Do Chocolate Covered Espresso Beans Have Caffeine?

Did you ever have the chance to eat chocolate-covered coffee espresso beans? If yes, did you observe a significant caffeine charge? 

Did you ever asked do chocolate covered espresso beans have caffeine?

A few weeks ago, my girlfriend brought me a nice pack of chocolate-covered espresso beans. 

chocolate and coffee beans

I had never tried chocolate covered espresso beans until she gave this as a small gift.

Well, now, I can’t live without them.

After having half of the pack when I first opened it, my usual speed was pushed up to full-on sprint. So I noticed that I had too many of them and in combination with chocolate and other espresso shots that I had that day, I got a little scared. So I searched about the subject how much caffeine do chocolate covered espresso beans contain.

After my research, I ate only 5 of them the next day and the day after. But again another busy day whereas I drank 1 RedBull and a couple shots of espressos (within the same day), I ate about 20 of them in the afternoon. The consequence was that I couldn’t sleep that night at all.

So learn from my experience that it’s not a good idea at all to get addicted to chocolate-covered espresso beans and eat them without control.

So yes, they are delicious, energy boosters but you should count how many you should eat daily. I enjoy them with my espresso shots to control how many I eat. So I eat 1-2 per espresso shot and as a little treat and I am absolutely fine with this. But bear in mind that I don’t have more than 5-6 per day.


I found out that each bean contains about 7-8 mg of caffeine, whereas an espresso shot has about 80 mg of caffeine. If you add the chocolate caffeine that each chocolate covered coffee bean goes between 10-11 mg of caffeine in total.

So I did the math and completely understood why I had side effects from the overdose of caffeine. 20 beans mean that I had about 200 mg of additional caffeine to my blood!


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Chocolate covered espresso (coffee) beans are a favorite sweet that includes natural caffeine.

Espresso beans are just roasted coffee beans. The caffeine content in coffee may alter depending on many factors. Including the chocolate, 7 mg is the average content you could anticipate to find.

As mentioned, chocolate covered espresso beans would vary between 6-11 mg for dark chocolate covered and 5-10 mg for milk chocolate covered.

If you consider caffeine per bean, you may not find it like a lot of caffeine. However, these little sweets are pretty addictive, and it’s easy to have a lot of them in one day, so be careful and control how many you should eat.

If you have the time you could check this video and prepare them at your home. 


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