Is Espresso Less Acidic Than Coffee?

is espresso less acidic than coffee

There’s a debate around coffee acids and especially among people with sensitive stomachs. Many people ask is espresso less acidic than coffee?

Is Blonde Roast Coffee Stronger Than Dark Roast


The lightest drinkable coffee is blonde coffee. It majorly comes from east Africa and Latin America. The taste is sweet, creamy, and smooth. Fresh beans are roasted while still green in color but slowly start changing color upon roasting. Expert coffee roasters make beans turn into blonde coffee, by roasting them at 400 degrees Fahrenheit, […]

How Much Espresso Should You Drink in a Day?

How Much Espresso Should You Drink in a Day

If you’re a newcomer to drinking espresso, you might be wondering, how many cups is healthy? Or, is three shots per day too much? What about the weight loss benefits? Read on to discover the truth about this popular drink.