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Cappuccino vs Frappuccino, What is the Difference?

For many coffee beginners, a simple question pop-ups to their minds, which is cappuccino vs. Frappuccino, what is the difference? Well, a cappuccino is a beverage that is prepared with a traditional way using a double shot of espresso coffee with steamed milk on top. Cappuccino has several variations with cream or milk and may include flavor enhancements such as chocolate or cinnamon powder on top. On the contrast, a Frappuccino is a branded product of iced coffee blend marketed by Starbucks.


Cappuccino is a beverage that exceeded the borders of the country of origin, which is Italy. The composition is a double shot of espresso blended with hot milk, and on top, you add milk foam. If you wish to enjoy this kind of coffee, you will need an espresso machine with a milk frother or a pod-based coffee maker such as Keurig or Nespresso. You first need to brew a quality espresso (1/3) of the recipe, and you pour it into your pre-warmed cup. Then you pour the same quantity of hot milk (1/3) within the espresso extraction. On top, you add foam of milk at the same proportion. Professional baristas or coffee enthusiasts create beautiful shapes or drawings with the milk foam. This technique is called latte art. Cappuccino’s total volume served with Europe or artisan coffee shops in the USA is about 160 ml. In Italy, they used to serve cappuccino in the morning breakfast and usually add chocolate topping. The translation of the word is small hood whereas cappuccio means hood (something for the head). The name comes from the Cappuccino monks, whose romps were the same color as the coffee. >> Click here to check the >>  Best Latte Machine

How to Make a Good Cappuccino

To taste a delicious cappuccino, you have two options, either to get to your nearest coffee shop and grab one or to create it at home. The second choice means that you are going to need the equipment, the will to spend some time to learn and to create. If you get used to cappuccino, then you will start disliking drip or instant coffee.
Cappuccino with cream
Preparing at home may be very easy if you go for a super-automatic coffee maker. For instance, if you opt a Nespresso with an Aeroccino, then you will have to follow very few and simple steps to create one. You turn on your machine, wait less than a minute to warm up, put a capsule in the slot, and place the milk within the Aeroccino. Press the button to extract espresso and another button to froth the milk automatically. Serve the coffee to your cup and add the milk on top. If you wish to add some sugar or any other sweetener you are very welcome. If you want to experiment with a semi-automatic machine, you have to be prepared that you will face a learning curve in the process. This may be a little more challenging but is more fun, and when you get familiar with these machines and their features, the outcome could reach a barista grade.


A Frappuccino regularly contains cappuccino since it has coffee with milk. The garnish is more complex and is served cold and with ice. Actually, Frappe refers to a milkshake with ice-cream in New England. The beverage served at Starbucks adds ice-cream on top and other syrups or sweet sauces. Honestly, if you are on a diet, don’t go for a Frappuccino since there is a lot of calories hiding within this delicious beverage.
Unicorn Frappuccino
Moreover, since the drink is blended, you can’t be sure for the taste and quality of the coffee itself. When you are having a single shot of espresso, a cappuccino, even a drip coffee plain, you know if you are drinking a beverage of quality or not. You feel the taste, and you know if it’s good for your stomach or not. This is a coffee blog, and we love coffee and all varieties and kinds of coffee. But when we want a milkshake we go to grab one, we don’t mix them up. We accept the fact thatFrappuccino for Starbucks is a successful product, and they have developed it very well. You can have variations of a Frappuccino if you go to a Starbucks such as decaffeinated, with soy milk, and with juice blends as well. Additionally, you can order it with customized modifications such as flavored syrups, flakes of chocolate, or extra shots of espresso. You can find bottled Frappuccino besides from the beverage you can get from Starbucks.

Where to Get it

It is already mentioned numerous times that you can order the beverage to a Starbucks near you. Regarding the bottled product, you can buy it from a convenience store or a supermarket close to your house. Behind this bottled beverage, there is a joint venture between Starbucks and PepsiCo. The scope was to bring this beverage at the door of your home, and for this reason, the global sales network of Pepsi has been exploited. Pepsi wanted another successful commodity to generate more sales, and this collaboration was born. [amazon box=”B077NRVW7D,B077NLX2XT,B075R94Q8M” grid=”3″] READ ALSO Best coffee maker for office Best Nespresso machine What is the best single cup coffee maker to buy

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