Breville Barista Express Vs Delonghi La Specialista

Breville Barista Express Vs Delonghi La Specialista

The espresso coffee has been the talk of the town for coffee enthusiasts for a lot of decades. There are espresso machines with innovation features that are driven by the desire to ease coffee making by anyone, anywhere. 

This idea has brought a notable change to the coffee culture among many enthusiasts and gives everyone the liberty to make varieties of coffee at will.  

Breville Barista Express Vs Delonghi La Specialista

So, suppose you are looking to upgrade your coffee equipment at home or in your office. In that case, you might be looking in the direction of either Breville Barista Express or Delonghi La Specialista for the best espresso machine. 

These two machines do not only make the preparation of coffee relatively easy; it also gives you the coffee with the best tastes. 

However, there are striking differences between Breville Barista Express and Delonghi La Specialista, even though they serve the same purpose. 

Aside from the fact that Delonghi is an Italian brand, while Breville is an Australian brand, there are other variations and differences that will be detailed below. 

Breville Barista Express

The Breville Barista Express is an impressive espresso machine that can offer you one of the most versatile satisfaction you can crave in coffees. This machine has several notable features that make it a machine to trust. 

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Breville Barista Express has several features that make it easy to use and enhance the quality and quantity of the coffee it can produce. It carries out a dose controlling grinding as a result of the integrated conical burr grinder. 

This grinder is easily controllable on-demand and delivers the right amount of freshly ground coffee directly into the portafilter. This feature also eases the process of making your preferred taste.

This espresso also includes a grind size dial that allows easy control over the grind size regardless of the type of beans you intend to grind. 

Similarly, Breville Barista Express also features a digital temperature control that eases the extraction process. It works by delivering water at the right temperature to ensure optimal espresso extraction. 

Breville Barista Express also delivers an impressive steam wand performance that allows you to add texture micro-foam milk that enhances the flavor. This feature also aids in the creation of latte arts. 


The design of Breville Barista Express is optimized to enhance its performance, boost ease of usage, and induce durability. It has a water tank capacity of 2 liters that can withhold enough water to make as much coffee as you intend to make. 

The espresso’s body is made with stainless steel that ensures the durability and lightweight of the machine. 

Breville Barista Express weighs just 23lbs that makes it easy to move it around. It has a 15.0” x 15.1” x 16.2” dimension that allows it to fit into confined spaces. Input power 1600W of that enhances its efficiency and extensive applications. 

It also includes several other design features such as a hot water spout, water filter, pressure gauge, steaming system, and integrated hands-free grinder that improves the machine’s versatility and efficiency. 


Breville Barista Express has all the essential design and features that boost its performance. It uses a high pressure 9 bar extraction process delivered through the 15 bar Italian pump for effective extraction. 

The steam wand performance allows you to introduce texture micro-foam milk that enables the creation of latte art. 

Another impressive performance of Breville Barista Express is its ability to create great-tasting espresso in less than a minute. 

It allows you to grind the beans before extraction and offers you a choice of manual or automatic operation to ensure authentic café style performance and result. 

Espresso Taste

Breville Barista Express produces a rich, full-bodied coffee with varieties of flavors. The functionality and the performance of this machine allow the coffee to express intense flavors and incredible aroma that simulate the true café coffee. 

This espresso offers a perfectly balanced taste, rich flavor, irresistible body, and velvety, silky mouthfeel. The precise control over temperature with the integration of a digital temperature control produces nuanced, delicious, and sweet taste. 

The irresistible body of the espresso is usually opulent, creamy, and caramel-colored. It is a resultant effect of precise pressure and proper temperature control. 

 Overall, this espresso has a velvety mouthfeel and a silky taste of true microfoam milk. 

The pressure used in steaming the milk usually creates thousands of tiny bubbles, thus enhancing the espresso’s taste and mouthfeel. The proper temperature control will also project the sweetness that will excite your taste buds. 

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Delonghi La Specialista

Delonghi La Specialista is an Italian espresso machine that allows you to produce some of the best coffee quickly. It offers the versatility, efficiency, and durability of a good espresso. 

It can help you enjoy the experience of a great coffee and impress your guest with great coffee skills. 

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Delonghi La Specialista has several impressive features, most notably, its handcraft precision. All you have to do is tamp the ground coffee with the right pressure to enjoy a mess-free experience. 

It features active temperature control with the integration of two independent heating systems. These heating systems guarantee the best temperature stability for optimal milk texturing and coffee extraction. 

One of the Thermo blocks works specifically for extracting coffee while the other works for steaming milk. 

Likewise, this espresso features a senor grinding technology that ensures that you have an optimal espresso dose each time you make a coffee. It achieves this by offering consistent grinding, and it will never run out of beans grinding. 


One of the things that make Delonghi La Specialista a distinct espresso is a unique design. This design enhances its functionalities, promotes ease of usage, and enhances its durability. 

It uses a separate hot water sprout that increases convenience during the preparation of coffee. This sprout can deliver hot water for tea without the residual coffee taste. 

It has a 2liter water tank that holds enough water for making several coffee cups without a need to refill. Likewise, the machine only weighs 29.7lbs with a dimension of 15.0” x 14.0” x 175.5” that makes It lightweight and compact enough to fit into limited space in your home or office. 

Its 1450W power input ensures enough supply for the optimal performance of this espresso. The body of the machine is made with stainless steel for enhanced durability. 

The latte foam design allows you to choose the type of froth you want, which enhances the flexibility and versatility of the machine. It also includes an integrated hands-free grinder for higher convenience and ease of usage. 


One of the primary considerations that contribute to espresso’s rating is its performance when it comes to its primary functionalities. Delonghi La Specialista operates with a 1-second quick start that saves time despite its high efficiency. 

You can make your coffee within a few seconds. All you need to do is power the machine to put it on, grind and tamp your suitable dose, brew the authentic espresso immediately, and get your coffee done. This process means you won’t need any additional heat up time. 

Accuracy is another remarkable feature of the Delonghi La Specialista. Its built-in grinder helps you measure the exact amount of ground coffee you need to avoid waste and aid precision. 

Delonghi La Specialista also delivers consistent grinding with the inclusion of a sensor grinding technology. To buttress it all, this espresso has an energy-saving mode that saves power for extended use. 

Espresso Taste 

Delonghi La Specialista is a few espresso machines that will give you the best and versatile coffee taste that can give you a remarkable experience. 

It is a coffee of Italian origin that gives short coffee with an intense aroma, a long coffee with an intense aroma of European origin, and long back coffee of New Zealand and Australia origin. 

The dual heating system of the machine provides stable temperature and ensures optimal milk texturing and coffee extraction. 

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Breville Barista Express Vs Delonghi La Specialista


 Breville Barista Express and Delonghi La Specialista are two impressive espresso machines. They perform similar functions; hence, they have a lot of things in common. 

Some of the key similarities between Breville Barista Express and Delonghi La Specialista include;

  • Both espresso machines have the same water tank capacity (2 liters)
  • Breville Barista Express and Delonghi La Specialista both have adjustable built-in grind size settings that allow optimal extraction from fine to coarse. This feature influences the rate of water flow through the coffee to determine the 
  • Both espresso machines can automatically extract infused coffee from the ground beans. With an automatic selection, the content will be fixed into one or two cups, depending on your selection. 
  • Both Breville Barista Express and Delonghi La Specialista are built with stainless steel material that gives both machines a traditional shiny look. 
  • Both espresso machines have a water filter that mitigates the possibility of contamination from the coffee.
  • Breville Barista Express and Delonghi La Specialista both have a pressure gauge that allows you to match suitable pressure to give the right output. 
  • Both espresso machines feature a ground coffee dial that allows adjusting the amount of fresh ground coffee to suit your coarseness or fineness.
  • The streaming/ frothing system is common to both Breville Barista Express and Delonghi La Specialista.
  • Both espresso machines are equipped with a hot water spout that is useful in preparing various types of coffee. 


Breville Barista Express and Delonghi La Specialista look very much alike in functionality and slightly in their physical outlook. 

However, they still have several remarkable features that mark their uniqueness. This slight variation explains why some coffee enthusiasts prefer one machine over the other.

Breville Barista Express  Delonghi La Specialista
Does not include water hardness adjustment features Includes water hardness adjustment features
Does not have energy saving mode for power conservation Allows energy saving mode for mode for power conservation
Does not have any coffee selection type. It strictly produce great espresso coffee Include three coffee type selection (espresso, coffee, and long black)
It uses a single heating system for both milk steaming and coffee extraction. It includes two independent heating system (one independent heating system for frothing and steaming milk, and the other system for extracting coffee)
Use the same dial  to control both Frothing/ steaming of milk and hot water spout Uses more advanced steaming/  frothing that gives two levels of frothing which are FLAT and FOAM.
Uses manual tamping or pressing of ground coffee in the filter basket Uses automatic tamping or pressing of ground coffee in the filter basket
This machine programmed for water hardness requires less frequent descaling This espresso machine is allows you to program according to the actual hardness of the water; thus require less frequent descaling.
One year limited warranty Two years limited warranty

Final Thoughts

Breville Barista Express and Delonghi La Specialista are both impressive espresso machines with amazing designs and impressive features. 

All parts of these machines are optimized to ensure great functionality, make it easy to use, and enhance its durability. 

Because both Breville Barista Express and Delonghi La Specialista are designed for the same purpose, they have so many things in common, particularly their buildup. However, this doesn’t mean that they are entirely the same. 

They have several distinctive features that project their uniqueness. These features usually influence the decision of most buyers and users to prefer one product over the other. 

Nevertheless, these differences does not mean one is out rightly superior over the other. These features only highlight the strength and weaknesses of the machine. 


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