Breville Bambino Plus Review

Breville Bambino Plus Review


Preparing quality shots of espresso at the convenience of your home may be challenging for some of us. Behind a given machine, espresso needs more accuracy than drip, so you want a scale. 

And its fast, powerful-pressure brewing system results in flaws more significantly than regular coffee. In other words, you will have to get fresh grounds of coffee and include a grinding device to your shopping cart. You realize how far this can go…

There is no doubt that Breville is a company that has the recipe for producing state of the art espresso machines for home. I need to mention that high-end Barista and the Oracle are both excellent, but you will have to spend a lot more than this one. So, if you want a Breville without breaking the bank, then the Bambino Plus is an excellent choice.


Easy to Clean:
Coffee Flavor:




Breville Bambino Plus review

Faster warm up

low pressure pre-infusion

Automatic microfoam milk texturing

19 grams dose for full flavor

Precise espresso extraction with digital temperature control (RID technology)

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What I liked is that Bambino Plus offers excellent value for the money. Breville, in general, allows everyone to enjoy Barista grade shots of espresso without having a high amount of knowledge and skill. Similarly, Breville Bambino Plus will give excellent shots of espresso within a consistent way. 

The coffee the machine extracts is medium bodied has a little sweet taste and is far more than a decent beverage to enjoy. I have to mention that the machine is almost an automatic device for preparing coffee, so the quality is remarkable.

When it comes to its dimensions, the Breville Bambino Plus is the most compact machine from Breville. So, it will fit almost any kitchen counter and is portable. 

Another fantastic feature is that it has the quickest time for warm-up compared with the whole range of Breville. The machine requires only 3 seconds! The automatic micro-foam milk texturing feature allows you to prepare lattes or cappuccinos without any significant prior experience.

Breville Bambino Plus

Hands-free milk texturing
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For Whom it’s Ideal

In case you are already equipped with a grinder and a scale, then Breville Bambino Plus will be an excellent addition. It would be much more beneficial for you if you are looking for compact solutions for your kitchen.

For Whom it’s Not Ideal

I mentioned that it has a compact size, which is a plus. On the other hand, you are going to need dosing equipment, grinder, and a scale, which means that you may spend a little more than your initial budget. And in case you aim to reach a high level of quality for your espresso coffee, you are definitely going to need these tools. Again due to the size, the milk knob and drip tray can create a little mess to your counter. I will get there…

If you want to experiment with coffee then it’s not the best option for you.

Other Options

The top choices compared to the Bambino Plus are again machines from Breville. The reason is that they are straightforward to use espresso machines with a consistent brewing, and with a milk wand that the competitors can’t reach. 

Breville Barista Express is an excellent alternative, which is a little bigger and more expensive. Yet, if you have to buy grinder and scale, you will go almost at the same price level with the difference that these are included to semi-automatic Barista Express.

Another option from Breville is their entry model, the Duo-Temp Pro, which will save you about 100 bucks. If for some strange idea you’re against Breville, Jura offers an automatic espresso maker that’s well rated on Amazon, costs a bit more and requires similar space from your countertop.

Bambino Plus Features

Five buttons control the whole process, and also two of them offer the single purpose of drawing one shot or more shots (denoted by extracting of one cup and even two). 

The others begin the vapor wand, control milk temperature level, and also choose what level of foaminess you desire from your milk. Missing is a power button, a slightly bothersome concern fixed by pushing the single shot and heavy steam switches concurrently.

Gauging approximately 12 by 8 inches, the small impact is superb (it uses up much less area than my drip coffee maker). The only potential disadvantage here is included messiness– when you lower the milk wand down after use, it begins removing (splashing warm heavy steam and also water) right into the drip tray below. 

This tends to spray a little bit broader than the drip tray and also require a quick clean down. It’s not back-breaking, but it’s also not optimal to wipe the bordering counter down after every usage (the combed stainless-steel of the maker does wipe very cleanly).

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The Bambino’s much unsurprising attribute is its ability to pull a terrific as well as regular shot. Breville has verified themselves efficient in making espresso makers that do the hard work of temperature and stress control for us, as well as this maker, does not tip away from that. The 3-second heat time is quite impressive, too.

As kept in mind over, coffee calls for a level of accuracy that drip coffee does not. A shot drawn with excessive, inadequate, or stagnant coffee will undoubtedly taste off. Cafe and also espresso individuals repair this utilizing burr mills so they can grind fresh for every beverage and also ranges to gauge just how much coffee to pull (approximately 15 grams is typical).

This device, unlike the Barista Express, does not have an application or grinding mechanism built-in. You could suggest, after that, that the space saved by making slim espresso equipment is shed once more by planting a grinder next to it (unless you were to maintain your grinder hidden in a cupboard). 

This also wets the preliminary exhilaration of a high-flying coffee device– that rate is before acquiring a decent grinder and range. There is a disagreement to be had by slightly more major espresso-heads that the lack of an integrated grinding tool suggests you can experiment a bit a lot more with grind dimension by yourself maker, which is a good factor.

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