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5 Best Ethiopian Coffee

No doubt about the coffee history says that this fantastic beverage was first founded in Ethiopia.

You will hear many stories about how coffee trees arrived in the western world, but the truth is that Ethiopia is the country that coffee started its massive journey. 

Let’s see what the best Ethiopian coffee is.

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Here below are my favorite Ethiopian coffee brands.

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Most of the Ethiopian farmers that grow coffee trees work on tiny pieces of land. Many of them offer organic beans of coffee.

For them, there are limited transportation choices, and washing and drying of coffee has to be done on the spot.

If you prefer buying Ethiopian coffee, then you may contribute to the small farmers of the country. 

Most of them aren’t formed companies but a family that grows and offers coffee beans to the world.

In this post, I will give a few hints on history, what to consider when buying Ethiopian coffee and what are the available types.

What Variety is Coffee from Ethiopia?

It is known that the majority of the coffee production of Ethiopia is Arabica and not Robusta coffee.

In the United States, coffee lovers are drinking mostly Arabica coffee, so the small coffee farmers of Ethiopia find their loyal audience very quickly in America.

The procedure of roasting coffee will bring down some flavors and enhance some others, yet coffee enthusiasts admit that Ethiopian coffee delivers a perfect balance.

coffee ethiopia

Coffee is a tree, and the coffee beans are the fruits of this tree. The procedure of washing and drying the beans of Ethiopian coffee ensure that the fruity element will be delivered in your cup.

Someone can find even nowadays beans of coffee from the wild regions such as Harrar and Yirgacheffe. Coffee beans that derive from the neighboring areas of Irgachefe city are famous for the bright citrus flavor and the medium body.

Coffee Types from Ethiopia

The first type is Yirgacheffe, which is cultivated by farming households in small lands. The majority of this kind of production takes place in less than five acres of land. There is a great deal of human labor in the process of washing and drying of these coffee beans.

A lot of these farming families are specializing in growing organic coffee beans, which is very intensive in terms of labor, but they are reinforced free trading organizations.

ethiopian coffee

Harrar Ethiopian beans are cultivated northeast of the area of Yirgacheffe and in a little lower rate of production. These beans are being dried up to the sun before packaging and bring a smooth mocha taste.

Harrar delivers less fruity flavor compared to Yirgacheffee, but some coffee lovers note a blueberry note in this coffee bean.

Areas of Ethiopia cultivating coffee

Regions of Ethiopia that grow coffee are mostly located to the southern part of this land. And are garden areas, or lower altitude areas, and mountain cultivations like Kona beans of coffee.

Many coffee crops in Ethiopia began with the collection of coffee beans from the wildest areas and the transfer of trees to temperate forest areas.

(Video below: Coffee Processing in Ethiopia)

I mentioned earlier that coffee from Ethiopia is derived from really compact cultivations. According to C. Columbus, climate change has a drastic impact on Ethiopia’s coffee farming, and mainly due to disturbances in rainfall.

Since these family farming organizations don’t see continuing potential in coffee cultivation, they move their farming from coffee to other crops.

Because coffee is a shade tree, change in crops results in an increase in deforestation on the African continent.

Best Ethiopian Coffee Reviews

1. Ethiopian Coffee, Yirgacheffe Region

Volcanica Coffee, Ethiopian Whole Bean Coffee, Yirgacheffe Region

Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Coffee

Price: $


The Volcanica Yirgacheffe has a genuine exotic taste with pleasant acidity. You will have flavor tones of fruits or wine within this medium-bodied coffee with nice acidity. At the aftertaste, you will sense strawberry and cinnamon. This coffee has a thick body and a down to earth essence.

Volcanica Coffee is an importing company which specializes in gourmet and exotic beans of coffee.

The company claims that it will bring the best quality of coffee grown in volcanic locations around the globe. 

Their competitive advantage is the excellent flavor and the exotic sense they offer in their coffee beans.

 They also want you to feel confident about their products and that you will be fully satisfied.

Roasted After Your Order!

Coffee beans aren’t already roasted and packed.

They are being roasted after you order for maximum freshness.

You just need to order, grind, and get the maximum flavor out of your coffee!

2. Coffee Bean Dark Ethiopian Yirgacheffe

COFFEEBEAN DIRECT Dark Ethiopian Yirgacheffe, Whole Bean

Dark Ethiopian Yirgacheffe

Price: $


If you like dark coffee, then you should appreciate this coffee offered by CoffeBean.

These coffee beans are roasted really slowly to ensure the best taste and freshness. It’s an Ethiopian Yirgacheffe dark coffee.

If you intend to buy this one, please note that this is a quite large pack and you can’t seal it after you open it. So you’re going to need to store them appropriately. 

If you wish to secure the freshness after you open the pack, you should have a jar that closes safely and leaves the oxygen out of it.

If you notice that these beans are a little oily, don’t worry, they are like that due to the slow process of roasting. In case you’re a fan of dry coffee beans, then maybe this kind of coffee isn’t the best for you

ethiopian coffee beans

Strong and intense coffee

.It’s an intense and strong coffee that will give a great boost of caffeine to your daily routine.

Your pleasure starts after opening the bag, whereas the rich aroma will uplift your mood. After you brew your first cups, the spirit will follow, and your energy levels will be enhanced as well.

3. Dean’s Beans Organic, Ethiopian Oromia Single Origin

DEAN’S BEANS Organic Coffee, Whole Beans

Dark Ethiopian Yirgacheffe

Price: $


This is another dark roasted coffee with an aroma that will bring you the essence of earth and blueberries.It’s a specialty and gourmet quality coffee that is being roasted in small batches.

Their one-pound packs are undegradable and can be home composted.The company claims that it establishes relationships with small coffee farmers directly. They also promote their social responsibility by saving many female coffee farmers from cervical cancer.

ethiopian served coffee

High Quality Gourmet Coffee

You will love these beans from Timor, and it will not be so easy to find every time.

This coffee is organic and acquired through a fair trade contract with the coffee farmers. The coffee is natural processed, high quality with a floral essence.

Absolutely delicious, and if you try it, you will get this organic beans of coffee repeatedly.

4. FTO Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Coffee, Whole Bean

FTO Fresh Roasted Coffee Organic

Ethiopian Yirgacheffe coffee, fresh roasted

Price: $


This is another coffee that is organically grown and with friendly procedures for the environment.The roasting of FTO Yirgacheffe is called city roasting level. Its flavor is fruity and very close to tangerine and the essence of citrus.

You shouldn’t neglect the storing instructions as described on the packaging to ensure full satisfaction even to the last cup.

Similarly to all types of coffee, you shouldn’t leave them to warm places, or exposed to the environment of your home.

Don’t put them in your fridge, just place them into an airtight jar before grinding and brewing.


fair trade certified coffee from ethiopia

High Quality Gourmet Coffee

You will love these beans from Timor, and it will not be so easy to find every time.

This coffee is organic and acquired through a fair trade contract with the coffee farmers. The coffee is natural processed, high quality with a floral essence.

Absolutely delicious, and if you try it, you will get this organic beans of coffee repeatedly.

5. Ethiopian Queen City Harrar Grade 4 Coffee Beans 

Ethiopian Queen City Harrar Grade 4 Coffee Beans

Ethiopian Medium Roast 2.5 Pounds of Whole Beans

Price: $


This Ethiopian coffee is roasted every day and send orders later in the business day.This dark roast is a medium one and brings out a floral essence in each cup of coffee.

Harrar coffee beans are processed gently since they are hand washed and dried under the sunlight. This natural and smooth handling allows the elements of the fruit to derive to your cup.

You will sense blueberries and floral tones to your coffee.

ethiopian coffee beans in a cup of coffee

Green Beans for You to Roast

If you’re a coffee enthusiast, then you will find many options with RhoadsRoast. In case you own roasting device for coffee, then this company can send you green beans at the doorstep of your home.The roasting of Ethiopian Queen City is considered as City plus for stimulating taste.


I believe that by reading this post you should feel more confident to try one of the suggested as best coffee beans from Ethiopia. My favorite one is the top choice. But by trying one of these 5 top ethiopian coffee whole beans I am totally sure that you will not regret it. 

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