Best Commercial Coffee Maker for 2019

5 Best Commercial Coffee Maker for 2023

After having researched for several hours on the web, and having several cups of coffee, I have finalized my opinion on which is the best commercial coffee maker for this year.

I could say with full confidence that the best commercial coffee maker is Bunn Pour Over machine. This coffee maker combines excellent value, convenience in using it, quality materials for long lasting, and functionality as well. 

Bear in mind that in a restaurant, small coffee shop, or an office, these machines will have to pull many quality cups of hot coffee. So before you pick your coffee maker, read this post, and you’ll be confident as well in your buying decision.

This Commercial Coffee Maker Buyer’s Guide is Suitable For…

Are you searching for a large capacity coffee maker for your office, workplace, or a big event? If your reply is yes, then this guide is perfect for you to read.

Coffee is the most favorite beverage nowadays, and the industry is still growing. You can’t imagine a day at the office without your favorite coffee mug full of delicious drip coffee. There isn’t a doubt that most of us need coffee and a lot of it to survive the rough days at the office. But, coffee isn’t boosting our energy levels only at the office, we may have a decent commercial coffee maker for other organizations as well.

So, let’s find out what are the best options for you when it comes to commercial coffee makers. I’ll try to assist and guide you to get the most suitable coffee maker for your needs and with great features. Following you may find a top list for the available coffee machines on the market. You may click on each model to see real customer reviews and prices on So, go refill your mug with your favorite cup and come back here to see what’s out there for you to buy!

My Best Options on Commercial Coffee Machines

Let’s see the best selling models online offered by well-established coffee makers brands. Research has been done for you to save some valuable time.

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5 Best Commercial Coffee Makers – Review

Bunn Pour Over Commercial Coffee Maker with 3 Lower Warmers

Features in short

  • Type: Standard pour over
  • Brewing Volume: 3.8 gallons per 60 minutes
  • Note: Doesn’t include pots
  • Dimensions: 17,7×16,4×17,8 inches

This Bunn coffee maker has a brewing ability of more 14 liters of hot coffee per hour. It’s compact and lightweight footprint makes it an excellent option for people who also would like a portable coffee maker to satisfy their daily need for coffee. This device features SplashGard funnel accessory, which is very convenient and your hands will never get burnt from splashing of hot coffee. You’re not going to need a plumber to install since it’s a plug-in pour-over commercial coffee maker.

It consists of an excellent option for regular coffee lovers since it makes an adequate volume of coffee, and it’s straightforward to clean and operate. You’re not going to find fancy extra features, but who needs them for such a coffee maker. The great benefit you’ll buy with this coffee maker is a decent volume of quality coffee with peace of mind.

  • Compact design.
  • Brewing 24/7 without any concerns.
  • Heats up the coffee really fast.
  • There isn’t a switch-off for the heater, and you have to pull off the plug.

Keurig Office Pro K155 Single Cup Commercial K-Cup Pod Coffee

Features in short

  • Type: Keurig / K-Cup Pod System
  • Brewing Capacity: 90 ounces of water reserve
  • Note: 4 different volumes of brewing
  • Dimensions: 14×10,4×13,8 inches

The top benefit from this Keurig Pro Coffee Machine is easy to use, therefore is an excellent option for coffee fans who wish a little more convenience in a commercial coffee maker. The discount is that the flavor and aroma won’t be the same with other more “manual” solutions out there. This Keurig model is very close to B155, but with a little more specs added.

At the right side of the coffee maker, there is the 90 oz water reservoir, which is pretty easy to refill. At the same side, you’ll find the touchscreen control of the device whereas you can control the brewing capacity and temperature. The machine has an energy saver feature which shuts off the device after a couple of hours without brewing activity. This coffee maker is also suggested for those who wish to get daily coffee doses for many people.

  • Simple to handle and clean.
    Auto On/Off feature.
  • Relatively large water reservoir.
  • Brewing alternative beverages, such as tea, or cocoa.
  • Very fast, you can brew delicious coffee really quickly.
  • Plastic materials built
  • You’re limited to K-Cup pod system

Hamilton Beach Commercial 60-Cup Stainless-Steel Coffee Urn Model D50065

Features in short

  • Type: Urn
  • Brewing Capacity: 60 Cups
  • Note: You don’t need a filter
  • Dimensions: 12,3×12,3×18 inches

This excellent Hamilton Beach Commercial coffee machine can brew 10 cups of hot coffee in less than 10 minutes. It will match any coffee decor perfectly since its design is sleek and made of quality stainless steel components. It’s a one-touch coffee maker that will assist you incredibly in brewing your daily mugs with ease. It features a water heater that ensures temperature stability during the business day. Another handy feature is the volume level display that will indicate you when you have run out of coffee, and the machine requires to be refilled.

  • Brewing capacity of 10 cups within 10 minutes.

  • Straightforward to use and easy to fill.

  • Sleek stainless-steel materials.

  • You need to be careful with the plastic knob since it goes really hot. So, you just have to refill the coffee maker carefully.

West Band 100-Cup Commercial Coffee Maker Urn

Features in short

  • Type: Urn
  • Brewing Capacity: Up to 100 cups
  • Note: It can brew 1 cup of coffee per minute
  • Dimensions: 14,5×10,6×23 inches

This West Band Commercial Coffee Urn is an excellent countertop coffee machine and is designed to prepare coffee for events. This commercial coffee maker enables you for fast and easy brewing of 100 cups. Moreover, it’s easy to clean and maintain. Definitely, this heavy-duty machine is designed for commercial purposes and won’t let you down.

As mentioned, this one can prepare easily up to one hundred cups of delicious coffee, so it would be perfect for your coffee shop, workplace, or for large gatherings, and events. Within this coffee maker, there is a gauge that will assist you in identifying the quantity of coffee that is left. Additionally, this machine comes with a fully automatic temperature control level, and a faucet.

  • Quality materials for increased durability of the machine.

  • Brewing 1 cup ever 60 seconds.

  • Indication by a light at the moment your coffee is prepared.

  • The spigot is very close to the switch button of the machine, which may increase the possibility of getting burned by hot splashed coffee.

Wilbur Curtis G3 Commercial Airpot Coffee Brewer

Features in short

  • Type: Airpot
  • Brewing Capacity: 2,5 lt
  • Note: Doesn’t include a dispenser
  • Dimensions: 20×9,2×24,5 inches

Your brewing options are fully customizable with Wilbur Curtis G3. The brewing process depends on pre-infusion technology, which will create a rich aroma and flavor from your grounds.

It includes a digital control module which is covered in the high-tech polymer, a material that is heat and water resistant.

It can prepare between 2.2 to 2.5 lt of delicious coffee and is a compact and single coffee machine made for commercial or home purposes. This coffee maker utilizes water lines so you will need some assistance from a plumber. Parts for plumbing installation aren’t included in the box, but you can find with ease at a hardware store near you.

  • Straightforward to use, and easy to clean.

  • Robust build for long lasting.

  • You can customize the brewing process according to your preferences.

  • Nothing significant to notice.

Buying A Commercial Coffee Maker

The most important question you need to consider when getting a commercial coffee maker is the following: What is the volume of coffee daily cups it will require to prepare daily? It’s obvious that not all coffee makers are offering the same in terms of coffee extraction – some coffee machines aren’t designed to extract large volumes of coffee in a short period.

The daily cup metric is based upon the 8-oz standard of serving. A typical commercial coffee machine should be able to give about 150 to 200 cups daily. Lower volume coffee machines are made to prepare 50 cups of coffee while heavy-duty machines can extract up to 500 cups of coffee daily.

drip coffee black coffee beans

Types Of Coffee Makers

I want to help further you understand how the coffee makers industry works and what are the different types. So I’ll refer to some well-established coffee makers and try to define how they work. I believe after reading this, you’ll feel more confident when you’re making the decision on which commercial coffee maker to buy.

Bean to Cup Coffee Makers

One of the most popular types in the market, the bean to cup coffee maker is pretty straightforward to use. It is generally used as a self-serve coffee maker, and you can operate them efficiently by pressing a single button.

This type of coffee makers starts with grinding whole coffee beans and puts them inside the brewing container, which is then supplied with hot water. This follows the required coffee brewing process, though some also come with a milk frothing for preparing milky beverages such as cappuccinos, or lattes. This type of coffee maker typically comes with an 8 to 12 cup volume selection.

Combination Bean to Cup Coffee Maker

A hybrid kind of coffee maker, this coffee machine makes instant coffee as well and besides from grounded coffee. This is the most common choice for your daily workplace coffee set up.

Hopper Coffee Maker

These are quite comparable to “bean to cup” type but come with an extended tube on top that you fill up with whole beans of coffee. They’re funneled into a grinding device as required and then routed for brewing accordingly.

Range of Pricing

The second most significant criteria when going for a commercial coffee maker is what will be the budget you have available. How much money do you wish to spend on buying a commercial coffee brewer? Bear in mind that the average range of price for an industrial coffee machine is between $250 to $1,000. You could go far beyond this price range if you go for a high-end model!

Indeed, these high-end commercial coffee makers extract even higher-quality coffee, but I am not 100% sure that there are suitable for your daily workplace coffee doses. While the available options can overwhelm you in the first place, this is genuinely a good thing as you can better find the ideal coffee maker and the most suitable for your needs.

Essential Questions To Ask Before Buying

Once you have made a short list of your favorite commercial coffee makers, then there are some other necessary things you need to consider before buying:

  • Is this coffee maker covered by any kind of repair, maintenance, or warranty contract?
  • Is there any emergency repair assistance included?
  • What’s the cost of maintenance, or a repair if the coffee maker breaks down?
  • How much time is usually required for the cleaning process?
  • Is there a return or replacement policy offered with this commercial coffee maker?
  • What about reviews on after sales service?

I suggest you note these points as they could cover the majority of the long-term basics when using a commercial coffee maker. The great thing about these heavy-duty coffee machines is that you have lots of choices available, and you should feel confident that if you search correctly, you should be able to find the best commercial coffee maker for your needs.

I hope that this article has sprinkled some light on the basic features and perspectives you need to have in mind for buying a quality commercial coffee machine.

You may also watch the following video to get more information on how to buy a coffee maker.


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