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Best Coffee Makers for RV / Camper in 2023

You’ re looking for the best coffee makers for RV. It’s obvious that you prefer a vacation with your RV or camper. So, you may want to get a compact, simple to use, and powerful coffee maker.

Keep reading this post to find the best coffee makers for your RV. Quality coffee is an important element of your road adventures.

Why buy an RV coffee maker?

You ‘re a regular traveler spending much time on the road. Quality consistency in coffee is part of your routine and don’t want to compromise. If you ‘re this coffee type, you can’t rely on hotel coffee or grab your cup of Joe from a gas station. For your caffeine fix, you crave for something better than cheap and stale coffee.

On top of that, getting savory coffee from popular coffee chains such as Starbucks can be costly. Usually, you travel with friends and family and buying coffee for all may cost you a fortune. 

Also, getting of the route every time you want a cup of coffee, may annoy you or your guests. Sometimes you may have to drive in unknown areas so it’s not that easy to spot a coffee shop.

coffee maker moka pot

So, it’s important to have a good coffee maker for your RV and since you’re a coffee lover. Most of RVs or Campers have a compact stovetop or a full kitchen. Thus, it won’t be difficult to place or store a compact coffee maker.

At this point, you should be thinking where you will place your coffee maker and keep reading this post. A list of top coffee makers for an RV follows.

Mobile Coffee Makers and Differences

I find it important to highlight a few differences in coffee makers of the list. You should know a few things about the brewing methods of a coffee maker for an RV list. You may find several ways of brewing coffee when traveling. If you’re not familiar with these ways, choosing the best could be a difficult task. You could go for a manual brewing system or an automatic one. All could fit your needs and enhance your travel experience.

Manual Coffee Brewing

The French Press

French Press brewing exploits the immersion process to extract coffee.

The coffee outcome is delicious, strong, rich and robust in aroma if you know how to do it. Many travelers prefer this manual brewing method and for various reasons. Some coffee enthusiasts believe that this is the best manual method for coffee. And I have a good reason for this. You’re steeping coffee grounds into the water, so the essential notes of taste come up easier.  

Coffee aficionados prefer French press coffee due to the paper filters. They believe that paper filters hold oils and fats of the coffee grounds. Thus, coffee quality is better and the flavor is enhancing. By soaking coffee grounds you can force the hidden flavors to come up.   

In general, the French press is an easy way to brew coffee.  But, you have to clean some functional brewing components of the coffee maker. It’s important to rinse all the remaining grounds of coffee to brew again. Regular French press coffee makers include glass in their construction. These are easy to break and you must be careful. Yet, you can find a French Press with stainless steel construction. Steel French press coffee makers are better for carrying wherever you go.

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The Pour-Over Brewing

Many travelers like the pour-over brewing method. Pour-over brewing is like the French press and the water filter enhances the flavors and notes of coffee. A difference with the French press is that you have to pour-over hot water at timed intermission. This way provides total control of the coffee volume and intensity. Many coffee enthusiasts admit that this brewing method makes the most robust coffee. Travelers enjoy this way of brewing and recognize the coffee qualities I mentioned.

Pour-over coffee brewers are a single-unit gear. Thus, it’s handy and easy to carry.  When it comes to maintenance, it’s simple and fast to clean and store. But, you should bundle supplementary coffee equipment to brew coffee while traveling. Gear such as equipment for boiling water, coffee filters, a compact timer, and pot. Your coffee pot should be appropriate for pouring hot water on the coffee grounds with ease. 

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The Aeropress

This coffee maker type is an ideal brewing method for several reasons. It’s simple to clean and the brewing process is fast. This method utilizes the immersion of hot water through the coffee grounds. The coffee is robust, black and full of flavor and aromas. 

The whole design is perfect for coffee lovers who travel. The dimensions are compact and the materials aren’t fragile. I must say that it’s not the best solution for quality coffee brewing. Yet, it offers decent coffee within a consistent way. Many love the simplicity of extracting coffee and cleaning as well. Most Aeropress coffee makers are dishwasher safe if you don’t place them on the bottom shelf.

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Automatic Coffee Brewing

What’s the first thing that come into your mind when you hear the term automatic coffee maker? If your answer is drip coffee maker or espresso machine then you’re not alone. Most people have the same thought with you.  Before you select which machine is the best for your needs, you need to know an important thing. If you opt a robust and powerful coffee machine, then it’s less compact and portable. If you don’t plan to enjoy a cup of coffee when kayaking or hiking, then it’s fine. But, if you want a delicious cup of Joe when you leave your RV, then you can’t take an electrical device with you. You need to go for coffee gear without power outlet.

Single-Serve Coffee Maker

This is one of the most common coffee makers for coffee enthusiasts. It’s an electric device that will extract fast quality coffee. They are easy to use, simple to clean and maintain. Single serve coffee makers are popular devices for getting your daily caffeine fix.

Their size is usually compact and they won’t take much space of your countertop. So, if you’re ok with electric device for making coffee, single serve is perfect choice. They are ideal for preparing delicious coffee in an RV and enjoy the sunset. Due to their size, they are easy to carry them from home to your RV and back. 

There a lot of single serve coffee makers that use pods to extract coffee. In the United States, K-cups and Nespresso are popular. There is a difference between these two amazing coffee makers. Nespresso can take only pods. If you choose an Originalline Nespresso then you can get third party capsules and not own branded. K-cups include stable filters that give the option of using grounds of coffee. I like this feature since you can hold your beloved roasts and coffee blends.

Multiple Serve Coffee Makers This option is more of a long-lasting option that will give high quality streams of coffee. It allows you to extract coffee for more than one guest. The drawback is that the size isn’t that compact so you shouldn’t count on portability. RVs usually have more than one guest. You’re on the road with friends and family and single serve coffee makers may not be the perfect match. Coffee makers that can hold water for more than one cup are more efficient for preparing coffee.

Best Coffee Makers for an RV

You could find so many option online when searching for the best coffee maker for an RV. There are several kinds of coffee makers as you dive into the coffee brewers list. So, it’s important to categorise them to make it easier for you to understand your needs. Either you’re into energy saving or or don’t have much counter space, there is a choice for you.  

The Most Effective Brewing Options

The first scenario is that you’re looking for an all around coffee maker to extract coffee. In this case you don’t want to spend much but you like a consistent coffee maker. This category will show the most effective coffee makers that produce decent coffee.

Hamilton Beach Single Serve Coffee Maker

You can enjoy wonderful coffee with a Hamilton Beach single serve coffee maker. This coffee maker is easy to use, sleek, and elegant. It makes brewing a cup of Joe easier than ever before. The Hamilton Beach single serve coffee maker makes coffee brewing convenient and enjoyable. So, what is it that makes this single serve coffee maker so special?

With Hamilton Beach, you will not have to go back and forth from the stove top and the coffee pot every time you want a delicious cup of coffee. With a single serve coffee maker, you can enjoy the delightful taste of freshly brewed coffee. You can use it for brewing espresso, cappuccino, or hot chocolate. And even make lattes and cappuccinos. A single serve coffee maker allows you to prepare any type of beverage in a few minutes.

Many users rave about the ease and convenience of Hamilton Beach single serve coffee. They say that it’s one less thing to worry about in the morning and every time they need a fresh cup of coffee. So, if you grab this single serve coffee maker you’ll be glad you did!

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BLACK+DECKER Single Serve Coffee Maker

The single serve coffee maker by Black + Decker has a compact footprint and a low price. With these two features only can be the best friend for your travelling days. When it comes to features you will realise that’s is also suitable for an RV. It has auto shut-off, brewing options for different volumes and stable coffee filter. These features are very nice to have in such a low price. The coffee is delicious and you can carry it wherever you want. 

When it comes to functionality I would say that this is one of the easiest coffee makers to handle. It’s straightforward to use and simple to clean. The parts of the device are safe for cleaning in a dishwasher. You don’t have to worry when you take it with you since its material are plastic and stainless steel. I have to admit that Black + Decker single serve is the best value for money coffee brewing device.

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Coleman Grill-Top Coffeemaker

This Coleman Camping coffee maker won’t seem appealing at the first glimpse. But, this is one of the best coffee makers when it comes to efficiency. I liked the compact dimensions and the coffee flavor is good. You can brew up to 10 cups of coffee with this device. Due to its compact size there won’t b any burden to fit to any countertop. If you have a stovetop in your RV, then you should know that Coleman is compatible with it.

The weight of this coffee maker allows you to move it and plug it to the closest outlet and brew coffee.  Another feature I liked is the pause and serve function. You can have a sneak sip of coffee before brewing finishes. The access to filters is easy so it’s pretty effortless to clean the coffee maker from used grounds.

You will love the taste of coffee, the portability and other features. Yet, a drawback of Coleman coffee maker is the glass carafe. You can prepare and clean the coffee maker with ease but you need to be careful not to crush the glass carafe.

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Cuisinart Programmable Coffee Maker

This Programmable coffee maker by Cuisinart is ideal for your RV and for your home kitchen as well. Buyers admit that and you may check Amazon reviews on this coffee maker. I can understand the reason why. This coffee maker can produce up to 12 cups of coffee per brew. You won’t face any trouble to clean and maintain and your coffee will be great. The display, buttons and functionality are pretty straightforward. The coffee setting may alter to 4 cup volume. Smaller volume is faster to prepare and you don’t need to waste the whole carafe every time you need a caffeine fix.

You won’t have to buy disposable filters since the machine has a permanent one. Again the drawback here is the glass material carafe. I mention this because it’s a risk for those who are often on the road. Yet, if you stay in your RV most of your time, this won’t be a disadvantage for you.

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Coffee makers that will save you space

In the case you need a coffee maker for an RV, you need to pick a compact one. I understand that when travelling with an RV, size of the coffee maker does matter. Either you’re travelling alone or you want to save space on your countertop. The drawback of smaller coffee makers is that they can’t produce large volume of coffee per brew. But, their compact dimensions are handy for those who don’t have much space in their camper.

Keurig K-Mini Plus Single Serve Coffee Maker

Keurig brings compact, simple and efficient coffee makers for over 30 years. This coffee maker brand is popular in the United States of America. Brewing is fast and this coffee maker has a lot of beneficial features to offer. You can opt between 2 coffee brewing alternatives, it’s easy to handle and clean. Cleaning is simple and efficient due to the removable drip tray. The standard brewing will give a delicious, smooth and aromatic cup of coffee. If you prefer a stronger cup, you can opt the second brewing. This brewing is for those who seek a stronger caffeine fix.

The width of Keurig Mini is about 5 inches and this included the used pods storage tank. The volume of coffee is enough for 1-2 persons. Yet you need to compromise with the small water reservoir. The drawback is that you need to refill it really often.

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Presto 6-Cup Percolator

There is a coffee maker for those seeking a simpler way for brewing coffee. This simple way is a percolator that has similar way of filtering water. For this reason some coffee enthusiasts compare percolators with drip coffee makers. But, there is a significant difference. A percolator will rerun water by cycling the water to take out more tasty elements from the grounds. Percolators are stable for making coffee when travelling and many travellers use them. Yet, the drawback is that they aren’t that easy to use. 

If you like your coffee strong, then the percolator is a better choice compared to a French press. Several adventurers prefer it because it extracts more intense, sturdy and sour coffee. Coffee has more caffeine content and you can prepare larger volumes of coffee. Percolators are considered more reliable and endure in time. You can pack it wherever you go without considering the case of braking.

A drawback is that you will need to devote your time to clean it well. If this isn’t a burden for you, then a percolator is another best coffee maker for an RV. A good way of cleaning is to use baking soda (one and a half of tablespoon). Then filter hot water over the coffee maker’s pot to wash it out.

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CHULUX Single Serve 12 Ounce Coffee Brewer

This is a well-designed single serve coffee maker that is suitable for a camper or an RV. It’s efficient due to the compact size and the brewing quality. Dimensions are only 10,3 inches height, 9,5 in length, and width of 5 inches. With these dimension you can place it in your RV kitchen with ease. I love the fact that the device has its own stable filter along with the K-cups versatility. 

Chulux is straightforward to use and maintain. You can control the device and brewing by pressing a single button. You can brew larger volume of coffee due to the removable drip tray. An idea is to prepare your delicious coffee and let it brew within your larger travel mug. With this feature you can take your favorite beverage wherever you go. The brewing time ranges between 3 to 5 minutes. This coffee maker can extract 12 ounces of coffee which is more than enough for traveling with your RV. 

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GSI Outdoors – Mini-Espresso Set

If you’re an espresso fanatic then GSI can prepare double espresso in one minute and a half. This isn’t a robust espresso machine, but you will choose it for its portability feature. Due to the compact dimensions you can store it with ease into a cupboard when you don’t brew coffee. It’s a lightweight espresso machine, so storage won’t be an issue at all.

You put coffee grounds in the bottom of the device. Put water, heat it up, and you go! You have your shot of espresso. You need to have with you fine grounds of espresso coffee to enjoy a delicious cup. You could have a manual coffee grinder if you wish to brew freshly grounds of coffee. But, bear in mind that the strong feature of this tiny espresso machine, is the dimensions.

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The Luxurious Lifestyle

Whether you’re just coffee insane or you’ll be taking a trip with a team of fellow coffee enthusiasts, you may want to take into consideration more higher-end, more permanent choices for your RV. If the dimension and also costs do not matter that much to you, you may wish to check some more extravagant, even under the counter coffee machines.

Nespresso by Breville Vertuo Coffee and Espresso Machine

A more long-term option for your Recreation Vehicle, the Nespresso Vertuo Coffee and Espresso Maker has a range of brewing settings to please any coffee desire you might have on your adventures. With its 40oz detachable water storage tank, the Nespresso is capable of making several drinks with a workout time of only 20 seconds. Some of these beverages include coffee, single and double espresso shots, gran lungo, an alto, along with iced coffee as well as cold cappuccino drinks.

Additionally, the Nespresso Vertuo makes use of smart, modern technology to brew various beverages effectively. It does this via reading printed barcodes on the capsules themselves. In doing this, the machine can recognize the demands for water quantity and also temperature to brew each drink. With the amount of effectiveness it offers, it makes it an ideal device to take with you when travelling. Perfect for an RV due to its flexibility, reliability, as well as reasonably small size.

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Behmor 5393 Brazen Coffee Maker, 8 Cups, Stainless Steel

Sleek in layout, the Behmor Brazen Plus Temperature Level Control Coffee machine makes an exceptional design to any Recreational Vehicle cooking area. Some excellent characteristics that we like around the Behmor’s design are the transparent, easy-to-press switches to the front of the machine. Also, I love the lighted screen display that’s for you to see and program it quickly. Enabling you to configure hrs beforehand, it can also make approximately 1,2 litres (40 ounces) of coffee per brewing time.

Made from stainless steel, designed with a large filter head, this coffee maker extensively fills the ground coffee before brewing and features a pre-soak choice as well. Likewise, the Behmor additionally has a built-in temperature level control setup, permitting you to make at a temperature from 190 degrees F to 210 levels F. This temperature level versatility makes it easy to adjust to modifications in altitude when travelling. This will ensure that your coffee tastes the same despite where you go. Though it isn’t built for single-serve sized coffee and is a little bit more costly, the Behmor will kick your outdoor adventure experience up a notch.

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BLACK+DECKER SCM2000BD SpaceMaker Under The Cabinet 8-Cup Programmable Coffeemaker with Thermal Carafe

One of the fanciest options on our listing, the Black + Decker SpaceMaker Coffee machine is recognized for its innovative design and also spectacular efficiency. The SpaceMaker might just be the ideal option for you if you have little to no counter area in your RV. Constructed with stainless steel, it assimilates completely in your cooking area and will certainly stay out of sight, mainly since it is designed to install under your kitchen counter.

Among the priciest machines on our listing, it does need some instalment. Though the set-up phase can be a little of a headache for some, but the effectiveness, compatibility, along with the top quality of coffee virtually can not be matched. That being said, the SpaceMaker is one of our leading suggestions to anyone searching for a top-notch brewing device to stay in the long run within their camper or RV.

Though the device can be stored almost totally hidden, it can be somewhat big, being available in around 17 ′” X 12 ″ X 13 ″. However, the bulk of the device can be hidden with just the slim, smooth spout revealed for effortless gain access. Preparing about eight mugs of coffee at the same time, the carafe of the SpaceMaker is dual protected, letting your coffee stay hot for several hours. Moreover, if you wish to slip a sip of warm coffee before brewing is finished, it includes a “brewing pause” function.

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Aspects To Think About Before Buying

Not just the coffee machine itself essential to think about before buying, but the Recreational Vehicle area you’ll put it in is also crucial. So before you go shopping, make sure to ask yourself these concerns before choosing which suit your needs the best.

The number of people that will be using your machine

Chances are you won’t be travelling alone if you’re taking a trip in an RV. Though it’s straightforward to just select a coffee maker and continue. You’ll need to consider how many times per day you’ll be brewing coffee, as well as how many persons will be making coffee with it. The primary aspects that will influence how much coffee you can make are the size of the water storage tank as well as the dimension of the pitcher. Yes, the larger the water tank and also carafe, the more coffee you as well as your travel companion can appreciate.

Exactly how large is your Recreational Vehicle?

Counter area in a Recreational Vehicle is restricted, so ensuring if you have enough space to put your brewing device is essential. Though a bigger, conventional home coffee machine might fit on the smaller sized counter area, having it use up a huge area of your Recreational Vehicle cooking area will ultimately drive you nuts. This is why it’s essential to ensure your coffee machine is designed for portability. The easier to move it, the less area it will require.

What are the materials of construction?

If your Recreational Vehicle coffee maker is made with durable, sturdy parts, the longer it’s going to endure. The chances of your device breaking are much higher if it’s built out of glass or plastic. On the other hand, if your coffee machine is constructed of durable material like stainless steel, it will be a lot more longlasting and also reliable.

How handy is it?

Among one of the most significant benefits of a coffee maker for an RV, is convenience. If the coffee machine isn’t easy to use, clean, as well as comfortable to take it with you when travelling, it isn’t worth the money you’re about to invest. When it comes to utilizing them during travelling, the most practical coffee manufacturers ought to have no inconvenience. If you intend to travel a lot of the time, it’ll be helpful to preparing coffee having in mind that the total experience of it is the same simple as your desire for coffee.

Does it worth the money?

When picking between a handful of devices, often the cost will certainly be the most significant factor in choosing which one you’ll buy. Usually, the smaller sized of the RV coffee machine, the less expensive it might be, and vice versa.

When getting a permanent coffee machine for your home, you may be willing to spend some more since you expect from the device to be higher in quality and lower in portability features. Nonetheless, most coffee makers for Recreational Vehicle, are efficient, compact, yet basic, and usually cheaper. You may want to reevaluate your alternatives if you’re willing to spend hundreds of dollars for a coffee maker that you’ll only use when you’re on the road.

How about the method of brewing?

When picking your RV coffee maker, you need to have in mind also your favorite method of brewing. If you don’t feel confident about your preferred way of brewing, ask this question to yourself. Do I like a coffee maker that automatically prepares coffee for me, or I am more into manual coffee brewers?

There are various options out there for you to choose from if you prefer making coffee manually. If you’re familiar with the manual methods of brewing coffee, then this shouldn’t be way too much of a change. But, if you like to have the brewing device do all the process for you, then you should think about getting a single-serve coffee maker, drip coffee maker, or perhaps an electric percolator. In this way, all you’ll need to do is prep the coffee grounds, pour the water, and let the coffee maker prepare coffee automatically.

kitchen area in a rv

Final thoughts

We think that no one should go on the road with an RV or camper without having the coffee gear for a decent cup of coffee. Yet, the best coffee maker for an RV should fit all of your needs while travelling. If you’re a coffee-lover, you shouldn’t make any discount on your coffee habit because you’re on the road.

All you need to do is, to pice the best coffee maker for your RV, get on board, and keep exploring the world.

Happy caffeine fixes to all of you!


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