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The Best Coffee Maker for Office in 2023

A cup of quality coffee is a small pleasure and provides us the energy to start the day with positive thinking. So, what are you waiting for to get a coffee maker for your office? It is the best investment not only to improve the environment of your work in the office but to attract new customers with the best possible aroma. Here below you can find a few suggestions to get an espresso coffee maker either large or small offices. So stop looking for the best coffee maker for office and read this post.

Eight o clock AM and another day at the office starts. Why not complete the first tasks with a cup of warm coffee? Managing your emails or preparing the agenda for the business day will be a much more productive assignment and work begins with your batteries charged.

This is the reason why an increasing number of companies that consider a coffee machine as part of their tools. They place them in the dining room or even in meeting points open to the public. In successful organizations such as Google or Facebook, you can find a coffee maker almost everywhere.

In the modern market, coffee devices for an office cover several designs and characteristics adjusting to the uses of each workspace. Thanks to the available coffee makers it is no longer needed to go to a coffee shop to enjoy an excellent flavor. You can have your shots of espresso either with a traditional espresso machine or with the latest version of a single-serve capsule. It’s up to you!

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Best Coffee Maker for Office or Company

As promised we are going to present the top list for coffee makers for your office. This does not mean that these beautiful coffee makers cannot fit your kitchen counter and produce excellent coffee for your home guests.

Our list of  best coffee maker for office take into consideration the feautred pacled along with the criteria of the buyer’s guide that you may find following to this post. 

Best Coffee Makers for Office – Reviews

Saeco PicoBaristo Super Automatic Espresso Machine

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This professional coffee maker is ideal for use in offices because of the large capacity and brewing functions that can be extracted. For this reason, the Saeco automatic coffee maker is designed to serve an increased number of guests or colleagues.

Its reservoir has a water capacity of 6.5 liters, which is extremely convenient for this professional espresso machine to brew more than 50 cups of coffee without requiring to refill the water container.

With this machine, you are dealing with a higher level close to professional coffee makers because, for instance, you can get as many cups of beverage as you wish. You only need to select in the control panel the volume and type of coffee, and Saeco, this excellent coffee maker for your office will do the rest.

Your coffee quality is guarrantied. The preparation time will differ depending on the kind of coffee you prefer: 20 seconds for an espresso coffee, 30 for a regular coffee and 60 for hot water. In fact, these 3 choices can be selected from its very intuitive control panel, which utilizes a screen in which you can see each of the steps that are being made by this automatic professional coffee maker for office.

Designed with stainless steel and ABS plastic, this Saeco Royal Office coffee machine includes automatic cleaning, rinsing, and descaling programs, a useful feature for a coffee maker that is going to be used heavily and for a long time.

Jura E8 Espresso Coffee Machine

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With a modern design and emphasis on details, this coffee machine for your office from Jura brand offers the ability to create a maximum of 16 cups with both coffee beans and ground coffee. It comes with a Thermoblock heating technology system for an ideal coffee temperature, with a professional pump pressure of 15 bars.

Thanks to the milk frothing system, the E8 coffee maker is perfect for enjoying a cappuccino in the office or for surprising your customers, creating them the best impression by offering a delicious coffee beverage.

With Jura, you can get up to two cups of coffee at the same time. It includes a water filter and a TFT display for brewing, along with a certificate for energy efficiency A device.

Check the following video from Youtube.

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Gaggia Brera Super Automatic Espresso Machine

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The famous Italian brand Gaggia always gives coffee machines with a compact design thanks to its stainless steel wrap that ensures the durability of its coffee maker for many years. These features remain intact in the Gaggia Brera espresso maker.

Its compact size makes it ideal for placing it in several areas of your office, whereas the machine’s appearance will positively surprise for its excellent design.

Compatible with Brita water filters, highlights its brewing at the pressure of 15 bars, the volume of 1.2 liters of its water container, allowing you to serve a maximum of 12 cups of your favorite beverages.

With built-in grinder with ceramic wheels that preserve the natural aroma of the coffee beans, with Brera espresso machine you can make cups of coffee simultaneously. It has warm water function with a wand, as well as a professional frother to get foam in the milk for your coffee to look like prepared by a professional barista.

If cleaning is essential in your office as well, do not forget to note that this beautiful machine has a removable drip tray. Likewise, its functions of automatic cleaning and descaling will support the hygiene of the device as well as its optimal maintenance. Let yourself be seduced by the design and the outcome of the coffee. View a sample at the following video!

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KRUPS EA8298 Cappuccino Bar

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Are you searching for a coffee machine for a small office with an appealing design and features? Unquestionably, the Krups automatic coffee maker is just what you want.

With this machine, you can make 4 different types of beverages, regardless of the volume of your cup: from a fantastic espresso shot to a regular coffee, cappuccino with hot milk.

This machine combines black and stainless steel, it comes with a big tank in the upper area for coffee beans with a built-in grinder. With adaptable water flow and 1.7 liters capacity of water, it has a 600 ml milk container for each of your colleagues to enjoy their favorite cup of coffee.

The automatic Krups espresso machine includes an anti-drip function, as well as a removable drip tray. We couldn’t forget to mention its self-cleaning system, which is a critical characteristic in the daily use of the device. Would you like to see how it operates? Check it to the following video.

Lavazza BLUE Espresso Machine LB 2312

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The Italian firm Lavazza also has a separate division for office coffee makers.

All the convenience of the capsules and the premium quality of Lavazza coffee (the preference of the Italians), in a device, made considering only the needs of organizations and offices.

NOTE: these Lavazza office coffee maker is only compatible with Lavazza Blue capsules, not with the standard Lavazza pods. These are two different formats for brewing espresso.

Perhaps its main disadvantage is that they are not as popular in the United States as those of Nespresso, Krups, or Breville, and their system is closed and different from all those. So you will need to order the Lavazza pods online, or have the chance of being in a large city and walking to a Lavazza shop near you.

Coffee Machine for Office – Buyer’s guide

Before getting to the online stores to pick a coffee maker that fits the most with your office, it is essential that you consider a series of aspects to succeed in your choice. Following you can find some useful tips that coffee specialists suggest to know before you buy a coffee maker for your office:

How many persons work at your office? Each company is a different world. While there are places where five people work, there are others combined by many departments. If you have to make the decision to install an espresso coffee maker in the office, think about it and even ask the number of individuals who would be willing to use this machine. Look at the number of brews that the coffee maker can make daily, and you will be aware if it could suit your office needs.

Traditional espresso machine or coffee makers with pods for your office? Both options could extract an enjoyable espresso of coffee. The first type is the most classic kind of device that could deliver barista grade shots of espresso at your workplace. For this traditional type a little more effort is needed to prepare delicious beverages. However, expresso single serve coffee machines maintain the aroma but simplifying the whole brewing process. Their use could be simple, quick and clean option to produce coffee, although not the most cost-effective solution.

Easy to clean: The daily use of a coffee maker in the office needs taking the highest care of the hygiene criteria of the system in order to avoid generations of bacteria. The pod system coffee makers are straightforward to clean and maintain, but also the traditional espresso machines for home or office are clean if you are committed to following the procedure of the manufacturer after every day of using them.


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