Best 4 Cup Coffee Maker

The Best 4 Cup Coffee Maker in 2021

Pictures Source: If you are searching for the best small coffee maker, we are here to present the top choices of the online market. In this article, we will mention some really great small coffee makers that will prepare for you delicious coffee while getting more valuable space on your kitchen counter. Your coffee quality has grown from those 3 a.m. beverage drip college nights. We assume that you have tried other varieties of coffee beans and apparently improved your brewing habit. You have left far away from those conservative drip coffee machines, correct? Keep this thought in your mind. We realize that it may not be the best-flavored shot of coffee you have ever tried, but there are some significant advantages to gain a small 4 cup drip coffee maker in your house. With this post, we will examine the various models you can find online and their unique features that we liked or not.

What is the reason why to get a small coffee maker?

It is impressive how quickly and effortless is to prepare coffee with a drip coffee machine. Especially when you are the host and you need to serve without any help, and your guests are not willing to wait long. If you have one of these excellent coffee makers in your kitchen, you can satisfy your guests in no time. Or you could even challenge them to try out a French press beverage for the first time. Besides the real convenience that these machines can offer, you and your friends can enjoy delicious coffee at no time at all. Additionally, it would be beneficial to have a drip coffee maker due to the timer programming feature. Imagine that you can set the time you wish the machine to start brewing and at the moment you get up from your bed, you can have a hot cup of coffee ready for you. Especially if you are not a morning type or you do not want to handle many things when you wake. If this is the case, then these small coffee makers could be a real gem for you. We would like to mention once again that it may not be the gourmet shot of coffee that you will enjoy. On the other hand, it is better to start your day with a hot cup of coffee than not having time to prepare one. Moreover, the aroma of coffee in the morning fixes your mood immediately after you first step your foot on the floor from the bed.

You don’t need a large coffee maker

In case that French press and drip coffee maker is only your alternative brewing, you do not need to get a big coffee maker in your house. Firstly, you can save up some dollars and then you will save precious space in your kitchen. So a small coffee maker could the job just fine to prepare a few shots of coffee and then put it back to your cupboard. This is pretty much the idea, but if you choose to buy an Espresso coffee maker, then probably you may need a little more space. The reason is the bundles and accessories that will enrich your coffee options such as a steam wand, milk frother, etc. The additional space needed or the cost will pay you back in quality flavor and options such as cappuccinos, lattes or Americanos. Someone could go for even smaller coffee makers, but in our opinion, you can get more value for the price. Here we present the best 4 cup coffee makers


Mr. Coffee Simple Brew Programmable Coffee maker

[amazon box=”B003W8JSH8″ template=”horizontal” amazon box=”B003W8JSH8″ rating=”4.3″] Starting off our list at number 5 one more Mr. Coffee product on the list. This one shares a lot of features with previous. On and Off indicator light, Pause ‘N serve option, and standard ON/OFF switch. This coffee maker comes with a gold-tone filter a permanent built to last, reusable, and dishwasher safe filter which will save you a lot of money. You just need to wash this filter each time you use it, and your coffee will taste great. Of course, you can still use standard removable paper filters if you prefer them and keep this reusable filter in a safe place, just in case you run out of paper filters or if you change your mind.

Mr. Coffee 5 Cup Switch Coffee Maker5

This is a classic 4 cup coffee maker that does the job as it should – it brews fresh and hot coffee like all coffee makers listed.  This one has a pause ‘N Serve system that allows you to take a cup coffee while it’s still brewing. It has a standard ON/OFF switch and power indicator which shows you when the machine is brewing.  [amazon box=”B003QLT04M” template=”horizontal” amazon box=”B003QLT04M” rating=”4.1″] The carafe is dishwasher safe, with a capacity of approximately 20 ounces and a water level indicator.

Cuisinart DCC-450BK 4 Cup Coffee Maker

[amazon box=”B0000A1ZMS” template=”horizontal” amazon box=”B0000A1ZMS” rating=”4.1″] It has a dripless pour spout and knuckle guard which is very helpful and a 30-minute automatic shutoff, so you don’t have to worry about turning it off. The coffee maker weighs 3.25 lbs, and it is built to North American electrical standards. This stainless steel decanter doesn’t affect the taste at all; the coffee always turns out tasty and rich.

Elite Cuisine EHC-2022 Maxi-Matic 5 Cup Coffee Maker

[amazon box=”B07HYZZBZJ” template=”horizontal” amazon box=”B07HYZZBZJ” rating=”4.0″] At number 2 a very similar to the previous coffee machine. This one has a capacity of approximately 20 to 22 ounces, it is black, and it weighs 2.5 lbs. It also has a pause ‘N Serve feature if you want to take a cup of coffee while the coffee is still brewing.  The difference is that this coffee maker cannot be programmed to brew coffee in advance. It’s easy to clean and maintain; it has a removable filter and a stain resistant warming plate. ON/OFF indicator light lets you know when the machine is brewing, and the reservoir shows the amount of water in it.

Mr. Coffee TF5GTF-RB 4-Cup Switch Coffee Maker

[amazon box=”B001KBZ95Y” template=”horizontal” amazon box=”B001KBZ95Y” rating=”4.1″] And coming in at number 1 of our list, this coffee machine is fascinating.  It has a few convenient features, and the most important thing is – the coffee tastes great. It has a capacity of 20 ounces of liquid and removable filter basket which is comfortable to fill and clean.  It is pretty fast – it brews your coffee in about 6 minutes. Green indicator light lets you know when it’s on or off, and the pause ‘N Serve option enables to pour a cup of coffee while the machine is still brewing. The feature that separates this maker from the others is that it can be programmed up to 24 hours in advance – this means you can get your cup of coffee right when you want it. You may see the following Youtube vide on How to use a French press
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