AeroPress vs French Press

AeroPress vs French Press Coffee

It’s time to get down and dirty with press coffee. I’m here to talk you through the what, the why and the hows. But first…. let’s make sure you have the right coffee! If you are into grinding your own coffee, grab a grinderGrab your whole beans, and let’s go.

No time to grind? That’s fine by us! Grab some of your favorite BRCC beans pre-ground so we can get started!

AeroPress Coffee & why its rad!

AeroPress. What is this device?

AeroPress coffee is a portable single-serve method to brew your favorite Black Rifle Roast at home, on deployment, or where ever you go! This method of single-serve coffee drops the acid level of the beans making it more enjoyable to all varieties of coffee lovers.

To be more frank with the numbers AeroPress single-serve coffee gives off 1/9th the acid bite of French Press coffee. That is why our AeroPress machine is the single most important product for any coffee drinker!

Ingredients & Steps

Let’s start brewing! The first thing you will need is the AeroPress product itself. Get your whole bean coffee or your already ground coffee. If you need a grinder, grab one too! Another thing you might need but isn’t crucial is a kettle, grab one if you are feeling fancy!

Now that we have all our equipment let’s make some coffee!

How to brew with your AeroPress:

1 heaping scoop of Espresso Grind


1.5 heaping scoops of Fine Drip Grind *each “scoop” equals 20 grams of coffee 8-12 ounces of hot water

  1. Open your AeroPress and wash thoroughly
  2. Push the plunger cap out of the chamber (they come packaged together to save space)
  3. Place 1 small white filter in the base of the perforated cap
  4. Screw the lid into the base of the AeroPress branded tube
  5. Stand your chamber onto a sturdy mug (need a good mug? get one!)
  6. Pour your ground coffee of choice into the chamber & tap to level the grounds
  7. Grab either your kettle of hot water or your faucet and pour 8 oz of water into the chamber
  8. Stir your grounds to mix into the water
  9. Insert the plunger and slowly press down for 20-60 seconds until all the water is magically now coffee!
  10. Drink, enjoy, and let freedom ring!

Did you buy whole beans? Grab a grinder and grind your beans to a fine texture

cup of coffee

French Press & why it also rocks!

Do you like strong coffee and cool equipment? The French press is the coffee style for you! A French press is a fun way to brew strong coffee in a larger quantity than AeroPress. Unlike the AeroPress single-serve, the French Press creates a few more cups of coffee for you or your closest friends….or just drink it all yourself!

Using a similar pressure method, you soak your grounds in hot water and press down to brew your coffee!

Ingredients & Steps

The French press is an easy way to make some foolproof coffee! All you need to do it put your grinds into your carafe pour in your boiling water and boom! Coffee!

Grab your coffee (whole bean or ground). And also grab your French Press! If you want it to look super badass, deck out your French Press with these, and tag us in your pictures

How to brew with your French Press

1-2 heaping scoops of ground coffee *per 6oz of water

*approximately 2 tablespoons of ground coffee

6-16 oz of hot water

  1. Decide how much coffee you wish to brew
  2. Pour your ground coffee into your French Press
  3. Grab either your kettle of hot water or your faucet of hot water into the French Press
  4. Stir gently
  5. Place the filter, press, and lid onto the French Press
  6. Let the coffee steep for 4 minutes
  7. Gently press down on the top of the French Press until the ground are all at the bottom of the container
  8. Pour your brewed coffee into your mug (pick one up!)

Better or Different?

So, where do we stand?

Well, what is your coffee taste?

Do you like a fast on the go option?

Or do you like something strong that lingers?

With this, my fellow coffee drinkers, I leave up to you!

Do you like French press and grinding your own coffee beans? Check the best coffee grinder for the French press.

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