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How a professional would choose gear, beans, machines and any other good related to coffee.

My story starts here

Thanks for being here, means a lot to me since you have clicked to my blog and you wish to learn a few more things about me. 

Having my favorite coffee starts with my first socialization activities. I know you may think that started drinking coffee from my teenage? 

Actually yes, I liked the flavor, the aroma and testing various alternatives from that age. 

Coffee shops were my favorite to go with my friends or girlfriend. I found that good coffee is not something that everyone can offer. 

You need to have the knowledge and passion to make good coffee. Obviously, you need the appropriate equipment too. 

Barista's choice is a blog related to coffee.
we focus on research, test, and present the best gear, beans and machines for coffee.

Passion about coffee wasn’t enough to create this blog spot. I like also research and writing on topics that attract me. 

So baristas-choice.com was created from my coffee and blogging drives. 

The name of the blog implies that I have worked also as a barista so my experience and knowledge is quite valuable for the creations of this blog. I am not a coffee enthusiast but a professional of the industry. 

blog Content

In order to find suitable content for this website, I am trying to figure out what bothers a potential customer before purchasing gear or coffee beans. 

We all wish to get the best value for our budget. Therefore, you will see many articles on best coffee makers, best espresso machines, best Nespresso machine, best coffee beans and sole reviews of popular gear as well. 

My intention is to inform you and guide you to the best selling products with an adequate number of customer reviews in order for you to save time from researching. 

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Thanks for being here.