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How professionals choose gear, beans, machines, and any other product related to coffee & espresso.

My story starts here

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Behind Baristas-Choice is a true coffee lover who wants to dive deep into the subject.  Hi, my name is Yannis Tzortzakis and I adore espresso coffee.  To be honest I am frustrated about low-quality information around my passion, coffee. I aim to create a valuable resource with baristas-choice.com that will make a difference.As a working person, I need my espresso shots daily to pump my energy levels. But, coffee is far away from a simple need for me. I love its taste, making it, smelling it, and drinking it! Visiting lots of coffee shops I realized soon that not all coffee cups are the same. Espresso from a coffee bar can be much better than having it at your home. So, I tried to analyze the science behind coffee and learn the secrets. Now, I could say that I can prepare barista-grade quality coffee at my home. I am testing various espresso machines, coffee makers, and coffee varieties daily. I am confident on the subject to help others elevate their coffee experience. During this journey, I asked for information from professional baristas and coffee snobs. Now, I cooperate with many of them to deliver the best guides and suggestions on the subject. ALL content of this website is written with the help and guidance of a team of coffee experts. For this project, I aim to put together the content I could never find online. I want to succeed in this mission. I will give it my best shot because I know your cup of coffee is an important aspect of your day. Yannis TzortzakisFounder of Baristas-Choice

The Team

Peter Antoniou

Peter is a barista who knows the secrets to prepare high-quality coffee. He serves thousands of customers every day. He’s been in the business for over 20 years. Peter has perfected the art of serving high-quality coffee. His customers are people looking for their caffeine fix without sacrificing the flavor.  He knows how to prepare dozens of drinks quickly—and still keep it at a high standard. That’s not easy, but that’s what Peter can do. Peter has worked in big cities and small towns. He’s always been able to deliver quality and speed in equal measure. And that experience has helped him learn how to put his customers first with every drink he makes. Peter knows how good coffee is made and what is the best gear for espresso, cappuccino, latte, and all kinds of coffee.

Manos Apostolakis

Manos has a degree in hospitality and likes to be with people. He is a barista for 10 years and he loves his job.  He’s all about quality and speed in coffee preparation. And, he’s always experimenting with new recipes to keep things interesting. He’s been serving coffee since he was a kid when he started out making lattes at his dad’s cafe. His passion came out of his love of helping people—and now that passion has blossomed into a career.  His motto: Come for the caffeine, stay for the ambiance.

Maria Dimitriou

Maria Dimitriou is a barista with a mission: to share her secrets to preparing coffee that you can savor at home. With a degree in hotel management and years of experience in hospitality. Maria knows what customers are looking for when it comes to quality coffee. She loves lattes and other coffee specialties.  For her, quality is about a lot more than the beans she starts with—it’s about the love and care she puts into every cup.

What to do now

If you are here it means you too are looking to improve your daily caffeine fix. Coffee and wellness are inextricably linked. Coffee is not just a drink, but a lifestyle choice. Forget the coffee shops—it’s time to elevate your caffeine fix at home. We have prepared everything to help you enjoy the best cup of joe.  So, from here you can either: 

 We hope you like the content we worked so hard to put together. If you have any suggestions to improve this site, we’d love to hear themThe Baristas-Choice Team
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Barista’s choice is a blog related to coffee. We focus on research, test, and suggest the best gear, beans and machines for coffee.

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