Best Reusable K Cup Filters for Keurig

3 Best Reusable K Cup Filters for Keurig

Single cup home coffee brewing systems have changed the mornings in our kitchen. Arguably, the convenience and novelty of the Keurig and other copycat systems exploded over the past years. On the other hand, consumers have continued to overlook the most significant issue that Keurig has brought: plastic waste. 

Thankfully, there are other options for enjoying single cup coffee brewers without bearing the increased cost and of course the unnecessary waste. Reusable K Cups are now available and allow you to have gourmet coffee, or other delicious beverages, at a better price and without the harmful waste impact. In this post, I have found the best reusable filter K Cup filters for Keurig instead of single-use pods.

Well, in case you’re an owner of a single-cup Keurig, and you’re a fan of the environment, delicious coffee, wish to save some money, or all of them, then it’s time to get a reusable K-Cup filter for your home dedicated coffee machine.

A K-cup filter that you can use over and over seems like this.

k cup reusable filter

Firstly, you need to know that every reusable coffee filter has the same function as related to your coffee maker. You put your favorite grinds in it, settle the lid on the head, and put it in your Keurig coffee maker. You will have instantly delicious, freshly brewed coffee for your or your guests.

With this post, I will evaluate my favorite reusable filter for my Keurig single-serve coffee maker which is Keurig My Cup. On top of that, I will bring up the two most relevant competitors, Froz Cup 2.0, and Ekobrew. I’ll consider what coffee specialists have to say about these filters, and also real buyers reviews that are verified on Amazon. I’ll try to do a balanced and honest review.

First Glance at the Top Keurig Refillable Filters – Here’s a snapshot of my conclusions and the points to have in mind in my short comparison list:

Notice: You Should Check The Model of Your Keurig Coffee Maker

As you may have realized from the notice, NOT all Keurig coffee makers are compatible with one filter size. Every Keurig device requires a specific size and type of reusable coffee filter. Otherwise, it may NOT fit in your single-serve coffee maker. So, it is highly suggested to check and be confident about the type of your brewing machine to get the correct reusable filter.

For your reference, you may use the chart above to find which reusable coffee filter is the proper one to fit your model number Keurig.

[amazon box=”B000DLB2FI” template=”horizontal” amazon box=”B000DLB2FI” rating=”4.1″]
[amazon box=”B00ZW7LW6W” template=”horizontal” amazon box=”B00ZW7LW6W” rating=”4.5″]
[amazon box=”B0716XGFT3″ template=”horizontal” amazon box=”B0716XGFT3″ rating=”3.9″]

Benefits From Using Reusable K-Cups

I have come with three main benefits that you could have in using K-Cup reusable filters when brewing gourmet coffee at the convenience of your home.

1) Nowadays we should be more sensitive to the environment and disposal of our waste. 

If we could recycle or reuse we help to maintain our planet healthy, this is my personal opinion. Also, this opinion was the trigger that motivated me to buy a reusable K-Cup coffee filter for my Keurig coffee maker. With a reusable filter, I feel like more responsible for my environment. I don’t feel guilty since I don’t have to empty the used pod dispenser of my machine every day.

2) After a few shots of coffee, I got a more matured coffee and realized that K-Cups wasn’t the best match for me. 

I liked the idea to experiment with various flavors and aromas of other grounds. So with my reusable filter, I was able to purchase any freshly roasted ground from the coffee shop. Most of us know that pods provide decent cups of coffee. On the other hand, the recipe for excellent coffee is on fresh grounds. Even though the coffee is hermetically sealed within the pod, it may have been roasted 1 year ago. At the moment you switch from K-Cups to a reusable filter with your favorite grounds, you will recognize the difference in taste.

3) Buying regularly pods for your Keurig, that you will use only once per brewing, may increase your weekly cost for coffee. 

To be honest, I was spending $8 at least every 4-5 days for my cups, and I was trying to find more cost-effective solutions, and I drink many cups of coffee every day!

Following this reusable coffee filter path, I found out that Buyers Records state that a regular coffee drinker and user of K-Cups, spends more than 2 hundred bucks in K-Cups. Well, I was spending much more than this average! If you consider it, it’s a significant amount of money for a home pod’s system coffee maker. Given that you buy this kind of coffee maker to get user-friendly experience and inexpensive beverages for your household. If you add the cost for sugar, milk or any syrup you may use, then you could go to Starbucks for your caffeine shots!

It’s time to move forward and begin comparing coffee filters.
This is a review of three of the best reusable filters offered online. Keurig My K-Cup, Froz Cup 2.0, and Ekobrew. All of these are reusable filters for Keurig K-Cup. If you are at the same line with me and ready to stop buying single-use pods and get your reusable filter, then continue reading this post.

Keurig My K-Cup Reusable Coffee Filter

My K-Cup at a glimpse

Reviews: 4/5 stars according to more than 6.4k reviews from verified customers on

Information: This filter is long-lasting, simple to clean, and takes up to 12 oz of grinds of coffee.

You can see in the product description and images on how the included items fit together. After loading the basket with your preferred coffee, you settle the top by just turning it. After that, you put it in your Keurig coffee maker, and it works just similar to a pod, producing a pressure-based system for brewing delicious coffee.

Keurig gives this informative video on its webpage to show how this filter fits and functions to your Keurig single-serve coffee maker.

What Barista’s Choice Believes

As already mentioned, I have purchased this product, and I have a personal opinion after using it. It’s pretty straightforward to use and clean. You have to clean it after every brew, so this is essential if it’s not time-consuming for you. You can wash it under your tap or put it to your dishwasher (not to the bottom rack).

Some customers claimed that for My K-Cup to function correctly, you should separate the holder and for a few customers, this wasn’t such an easy thing to do. After using it daily, I don’t think that this is something that will bother you. You may also see negative rating because some impulse buyers got it before checking if it fits their Keurig model number. Don’t make the same mistake if you go for My K-Cup reusable filter.

Conclusion: in case you are an owner of a Keurig coffee maker and require to play safe when shifting from a K-cup pod system to a reusable filter, embrace the Keurig brand of reusable filters.

Froz-Cup 2.0

Froz-Cup 2.0 at a glimpse

Reviews: 4.4/5 stars according to more than 1,5k reviews from verified customers on

Information: The Froz Cup will be delivered in a 4-pack kit and has a stainless-steel micro mesh filter as an extra feature.

 A unique selling point about this filter is that its lid is created to tolerate increased temperature and give you the maximum taste and flavor to your beverages. Not to mention that with a Keurig, you can brew cocoa, tea, chocolate, and of course, coffee.

I was tempted to buy a Froz-Cup several times and for specific reasons. You pay the same price as My K-Cup or Ekobrew, but you get 3 more filters. Moreover, it comes with a lifetime guarantee or your money back.
I couldn’t understand how the company can offer this valuable product at this low price. Maybe it’s an excellent deal or could be too good to be real.
Not to mention the customers’ reviews, whereas Froz-Cup gets the best comments and rating (4.4 out of 5). So, what is the deal with this reusable filter pack?

What Barista’s Choice Believes

You will see many excellent reviews based on the fact that the filter matches their Keurig machine. Whereas, some reviewers gave a positive review because they don’t have to take-off the K-Cup cradle.

Most of the customers appreciate it as a good deal, and they are happy with their choice. They like the fact that they have 4 filters that can be filled and wait for brewing. They can be used as regular pods, saves time! Only they don’t create waste and used pods. You can create various beverages (hot chocolate, tea, etc.), please your guests, without having to wait to clean and fill.

On the other hand, some users complained about the increased time required for brewing. These customers say that the side design of the dolphin is stalling the procedure of brewing.

Conclusion: Due to my research, I would definitely go with the majority of happy customers here. I don’t mind to wait a few more seconds for brewing and love the fact that I would get 4 filters at the price of 1. Not to mention that if brewing takes a bit more time, then coffee is bolder.

Ekobrew Refillable K-cup for Keurig Coffee Maker

Ekobrew at a glimpse

Rated: 3.6/5 stars according to more than 3,5k reviews from verified customers on

If you click to the website of Ekobrew, you will see that the company claims that Ekobrew filters are easy to be used and cleaned. 

They also claim that by using their filters, you will get stronger brewing comparing to regular K-Cup reusable filters.

Additionally, they emphasize on the money you will save from using their reusable filter and comparing to regular single-use pods. Well, this stands for all reusable coffee filters, but they present it as a competitive advantage. At this point, I want you to note that your savings will depend on the quality and type of grinds you will use.

This informative video below explains there’s not a significant distinction between Ekobrew and My K-Cup coffee filter.

A unique characteristic of the Ekobrew filter is that it can be applied with or without a filter.

What Barista’s Choice Believes

Again this is a filter which is straightforward to be used and cleaned. Customers liked the fact that filter has a little bigger capacity for coffee. So, if you prefer a stronger brew, then this filter could be your best choice.

You may find a few negative reviews; a few people claim that the link on the pod snapped off after a few times of using it. Whereas, other customers faced problems with the function of the filter in their Keurig coffee makers. I wasn’t shocked to see this issue since the company presents this picture on Amazon:

Conclusion: To be fair, this picture dishearten me from buying an Ekobrew. Absolutely, I recognize that Ekobre is open, straight, and provides the best support to their buyers with online guidelines. The thing is that in the morning, I struggle to awake, so I want a simple and straightforward solution when it comes to brewing with a reusable filter for coffee.

Final Thoughts For The Best Reusable K Cup Options

If you desire to mix up your coffee habit, the best reusable K-Cups provide you the versatility to apply your own grounds like you would in a conventional drip coffee maker. Taste versatility aside, these net cups, which often fit with many Keurig models, are also an excellent way to decrease your household’s carbon footprint.

The campaign director of Greenpeace USA J. Hocevar reported to USA Today that “coffee pods are among the best examples of additional single-use plastics that are polluting Earth.”

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 But, with reusable K-Cups, the single-use part is practically excluded. Keurig, you’re now aware, that has their own reusable My K-Cup, but at this post, I reviewed other options offered in a similar cost range — and they’re for sure worth examining.

I believe this review will support you to buy the best reusable coffee filter you’re looking for.


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